Santa Ana has a few dispensaries that have been providing quality medication and excellent member services for a few years. One of those dispensaries is OCPC located off of Carnegie right off of the 55 in. It has been getting great reviews on weedmaps for years because of its superiority. So as usual I decided to go try it out and see what the hype was all about.
As mentioned earlier the dispensary was easy to find and parking was just as easy. Upon going in I got that wonderful aroma and knew the reviews on weedmaps were right. So I made my way in and got to signing up and before I knew it I was inside the medication room choosing my medication. The volunteers were really friendly and knew their product. So I checked out a few of the different marijuana strains of the large variety they had. I also noticed when it came to edibles and concentrates they had just as large of a variety.

when it came to prices though I felt they could be a little better. The prices varied from $50 to $35 depending on the quality of the flowers you were buying. It just seems these days $50 for an 8th is kind of high even though a lot of dispensaries are charging that much if not more. But beside the pricing I think OCPC is another great dispensary in Santa Ana. They have quality mixed with great volunteers who really understand their patients needs and do not pressure them into buying certain strains.

I have listed the contact info below:
1921 Carnegie Ste 3H
Santa Ana, CA, 92705

Hours:11am-8pm everyday

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  1. Jeff

    top 5 clinic in the OC. Even though they have high prices on concentrates.


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