Ohio has set out to create a controversial proposal to legalize the use and sale of Marijuana through the reform group “Responsible Ohio”.

This proposal would create 10 indoor marijuana farms in Ohio, giving 10 individual businesses a monopoly on pot production. The monopoly aspect is actually part of the proposal and it’s obviously not being received well. Reason magazine, a libertarian print publication that supports legalization, created a headline judging the Responsible Ohio’s proposal as a “Cronyist Ohio Marijuana Legalization Scheme”. Responsible Ohio’s main spokeswoman, Lydia Bolander, says her group’s proposal is “carefully crafted in all of its aspects, from production to distribution, to allay the fears of people who might otherwise fear legalizing pot”.

“Our top goal has always been insuring that whatever proposal we put forward is safe, tightly regulated and eliminates the black market,” she said. “We think this is a vast improvement over the status quo.”

Says Responsible Ohio

The group hopes to get its proposal on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, creating indoor pot farms in Butler, Clermont, Franklin, Hamilton, Licking, Lorain, Lucas, Montgomery, Stark and Summit. There’s even a chance that 11 business could be granted a monopoly to grow marijuana under the proposal and they are all well known throughout the business and professional work world. Some of these names include Oscar Robertson, a retired star pro basketball player, former pro football player Frostee Rucker and fashion designer Nanette Lepore. The pot is set to be sold in licensed retail marijuana stores, similarly regulated like Ohio’s network of licensed liquor stores. citizens who are certified by doctors as having ailments that could be softened by a pot prescription would be able to obtain marijuana from nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries.

Source: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/news/legal/7643701

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  1. eric

    No , irresponsible ohio is not on the right track. Until everybody has the right to grow commercially ,including the little guy , this is a sham to make a few wealthy people richer while they hold total control of the industry. It’s insulting that you have to get a license just to grow 4 measly plants for personal. Putting lip stick on a pig doesn’t change the fact it is still a pig. I am for legalization , but not like this. This is anti competitive and anti American. There are other groups such as responsible ohioans for canabis with a much better proposal where everybody will benefit. I will gladly vote for them but I will be voting no to the monopoly / cartel…


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