After Oregon’s new recreational law went into effect, travelers heading through Portland International Airport do not have to worry about being questioned by the TSA since the state’s laws allow for individuals to carry less than 1 ounce through the airport.

In a TSA Press release they said its primary focus was to “detect threats to aviation security,” not stop adult marijuana users who obey the state’s 1 ounce marijuana limit, the International Business Times reported.

The catch is if your traveling outside of the State which is the case most of the times, airport police will be notified to determine if they are allowed too. Passengers traveling out of state will have to leave pot behind because transporting it to another place is still a federal offense.

“I don’t care if they got it in their pocket. I could care less as long as they can’t smoke it in the airport, you can’t smoke it in the airplane. So depends if wherever they’re going if it’s legal, that’s fine with me,” Arnold Lucht told Fox 12.

“I’m not anti-marijuana, but I’m pro-hairspray. I would really like to have some hairspray or some shampoo. What’s shampoo going to do to somebody? Why can’t I take my shampoo on a plane? I think it’s a little lopsided. Silly, it’s actually silly,” said Verena Douglas, who moved to Oregon from Colorado.

The news comes as recreational pot became legal in Oregon on July 1, a move celebrated on July 3 as hundreds of people gathered in downtown Portland for a “Weed the People” rally.

The State House has passed a bill allowing retail marijuana sales to begin on October 1.

The bill would allow tax-free retail sales through existing medical marijuana dispensaries.

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  1. Joe

    Am I the only one who uses airports to travel out of the state?? Why would they even waste time on a law like this.


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