As a state that has had a large pot culture, which is normal, being a part of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is proud to finally be a part of the legalization effort that is now four states and a District strong. Even though Initiative 91 allows the recreational use of Marijuana, it seems to be something that lawmakers are now questioning and attempting to pump more rules and regulations into with the new found legal use of the herb.

“The amount you can actually grow in a home-grow operation seems to me to exceed the amount that you’re supposed to have legally,” “I don’t know how you enforce that.” Kitzhaber told reporters.


In Oregon dispensaries are actually being deemed “too close to school zones” and because of this they will have to be moved at least a mile away. the problem is that Oregon is heavily littered with learning institutions and their school zones, making it nearly impossible to stat up a proper shop in most busy or residential areas. Another problem is that Oregon Lawmakers are trying to stop legalization as a whole by cutting out Oregon’s Medical Marijuana program through legislature. This is basically the same situation that occurred in Washington D.C. and because of this the Mayor had to step in and keep the citizens voice heard.  The main concern in Oregon is that they are allowing Patrons to legally posses too large of an amount of marijuana. Up to Half a pound of Marijuana at any household residence and up to two ounces in public could be a little over the top. Unfortunately it’s up to the Mayor to stop any sort of negating laws or rash decisions that the government ultimately decides to go through with.

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