Hollywood has so many different marijuana dispensaries that you can basically find a different collective on every block. But it when it comes to quality and efficiency they are not as common. One weed dispensary, Organic Treatment Center, has quality at different price levels and is known for taking care of its members. They offer discounts for military, senior and terminally ill individuals.
otcfront My first time here went pretty smooth, I just went through the usual process that only took about 5-10 minutes and I was in the medication room. As of now I have been to this place a few times and I have noticed the budtenders are not the courteous or smartest tenders but they are beautiful so it kind of makes up for it. Also I usually dont listen to the tenders because I know enough to make my own decisions but for people new to the dispensaries it does help to have helpful tenders.

In regards to the product, they did have a variety to choose from but the prices were pretty steep for the top shelf flowers, I think they had some priced at nearly $65 an 8th which is way too high these days. They do have cheaper options so you still have choices. The concentrates list was pretty extensive and they smoked as good as they looked. I would recommend this place to most friends because you kind of have to know what you want when you come here otherwise the tenders could lead you into buying some unsatisfactory flowers or concentrates.

The contact info is listed below:
Organic Treatment Center
1119 N. Hudson Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90038

Hours: 10-8 everyday

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