Right now there’s a trend in hash oil related fires and explosions booming into the subtle area of Palm City, Florida. There have been simultaneous cases of houses burning down due to hash production through the winter months but it’s suspected to be the peak of the slight epidemic. Police recovered bulk packages of butane cans, multiple pounds marijuana, glass extraction tools, and high powered firearms in the oil connoisseurs’ possession.

The aftermath of a similar explosion in Walnut Creek, Calif. (Photo: ABC News)

The aftermath of a similar explosion in Walnut Creek, Calif. (Photo: ABC News)

“Probably we’re seeing the tip of an iceberg.  We know in law enforcement when you see one or two of something that overwhelming chances are it’s going on and that we’re just seeing the very tip of it. Our speculation is that there’s more of these out there.”

Said William Snyder, Martin County Sheriff.

Daniel Vranich, 31 and Anna Kellogg, 21 are both under custody for the latest case in the Palm City area that ended with the destruction of their home. The couple had their twin baby girls in their home at the time, luckily neither of them were injured. This seems to be an ongoing problem across the country and with the Hash boom becoming an epidemic I don’t believe the explosions will stop any time soon. With the profit margins for hash production against the risk it’s a pretty likely crime for small and big time distributors to get into yielding an extremely wide margin of revenue. With states like Florida that do not have set plans for legalization at the moment, the only way to be able to regulate the amount of Hash oil production related incidents would be to create a solid plan for recreational use that would require the government to interject. If this becomes a reality in the sunshine state then there could be a more controlled production of the substance, minimizing risk in full.


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