Pastor Carl Lentz is the premier celebrity priest if there ever was one besides the Pope.

He recently started working with a fair amount of Key NBA Players and because of this he has been dubbed “The Patron Saint of NBA Stars.” Carl Lentz recently sat down at a press conference in New York to explain why he appeals to a large number of NBA stars who seek organic spiritual guidance.

Lentz is a 36-year-old senior pastor who was born in Virginia. He is the pastor at Hillsong Church in New York City and has touched the lives of countless NBA stars including Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields. Lentz also has a street basketball team that he formed from members of his church, holding fast to his past involvement in the sport while studying at N.C. State.

“I speak the same language as them. It’s a huge advantage for me, Basketball and life are so parallel; everything on a team dynamic is a life dynamic,” said Lentz.

The celebrity preacher does not take any sort of cash or material possessions from the celebrities that he guides. Lentz simply wants to be able to assist NBA players so they can build a strong relationship with God while staying on a steady spiritual path.

“What you find with people who are really famous is that often they’re isolated,” Lentz said. “They have so much money that they can’t trust anybody, or anybody that tries to help them always has a hook trying to get something from them. So our [church’s] big advantage is we don’t need anything from [them], and we’re not pursuing anybody except for who’s in front of us. So most of the [NBA] guys I’ve met have been super organic.”


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