Want to find out if you should purchase a Pax personal vaporizer? Check out a video of review the new age of cannabis vaporizers.

 The Pax is a handheld marijuana vaporizer that is known for quality and superiority. So we decided to see what the fans    are saying and check out a video review of the Pax by Ploom.




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25 Responses

  1. Blake Maloney

    i got this for my birthday its really great. easy to hide and you can get
    huge rips off this if you hit it slow enough. does smell like ass on the
    highest heat setting so i keep on the middle one and that setting vapes
    pretty well. 9/10 but kinda pricey try to get it at a T-shop for cheaper

  2. jeezy iso

    The pax is good but I don’t like the smell it emits after it heats up the
    herb so I sold it the smell was unbearable 

  3. Matthew Shegich

    Finally bought one, and it’s amazing. But does anyone’s get hot at all? 

  4. chris otis

    I love my pax I have had it now for a couple of months. I did have a Magic
    flight launch box and I did like it but it was too easy to burn my flowers.
    I could actually see my flowers catch on fire and would waste it. Also the
    batteries would not hold a charge after a month or so.
    Yes the pax is very pricy but the best portable vape I have ever used. Well
    worth the money. 

  5. nick ardizzoni

    I’m not about to be taking a lightsaber and a charger with me where ever I
    go, I’m nomadic as fuck. 

  6. vhuLTuReZ

    I bought the snoop dog herbal vale and was highly upset at what a vaporizer
    means. I bearly had any hits coming from it and was only able to get one
    hit every time I reloaded it. I’m looking to buy this one next and can’t
    wait to try it my hopes are high for this one can anyone confirm that it’s
    a really good vap? How many hits can I take from a full chamber ?

  7. Kurt Warren

    I have this product, and it is absolutely perfect construction and the
    different settings offer the ability to really make it personalized which
    is great. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a portable device.

  8. dramaticpickles

    Kinda funny when you think of how he had to of been starting to feel the
    high near the end of the video haha

  9. afro208

    Don’t fill your heating chamber with that much grinds, just wastes grinds.
    Rather only fill it enough just to cover bottom plate then use a 20mm mesh
    screen shaped like a U to held the grinds down against the bottom plate,
    OR, get another 2 Pax screens – place one screen over your grinds and then
    bend the 2nd one like a V and place over the other screen thus holding it
    firm. Also draw a lot slower then shown here, way too fast. Do this and
    you’ll get better vapes with less.

  10. Yokodera Yuuki

    this video is very professionally made i really love the video, great
    product i will buy myself one too

  11. Christopher Humphrey

    You keep saying smoke its vapor because your using a vaporizer. 

  12. Jack Sprat

    If you want bigger “clouds” get a bong. This is a “vaporizer” it’s not
    supposed to produce clouds. I was given a cheaper vape and I got clouds
    galore – but definitely not vapors.

  13. Matthew Shegich

    I’m buying one of these, do these get you decently high? Also, how is the
    smell? I live with my parents because I’m still in college, so I want to
    hide the smell from them. They know I smoke weed but they don’t want me
    smoking at home, I watched the tips on how to eliminate most of the odor.
    But does this smell really bad? If it does, any other recommendations so
    it doesn’t smell?

  14. Mark K

    As a “consumer” with 40+ years of experience, I’ve encountered lots of new
    wrinkles with pot-related paraphernalia over the years. Despite many of my
    herbal aficionado affiliates having gravitated towards various vapes over
    the years, ranging from e-cigs to Solos, I have been steadfast, remaining
    faithful to the old school traditions that honour fine motor skills and
    idiosyncratic minutiae. The only change to my decades-long routine? Adding
    paper filters to my rolling repertoire a couple years ago. As luck would
    have it though, I recently joined the ranks of vape-users when I was given
    a Pax for Christmas.

    Having owned my new toy for only a couple weeks I can’t offer any intel
    about its long term operation, but I can say that short time has been long
    enough for me to agree with statements already made in this thread about
    its quality, simplicity, portability, and efficiency. Do I love it enough
    to say “From this day forward never again shall I twist up a fattie?” Nah,
    but as alternate THC-ingestion mediums go, the Pax seems deserving of its

    From what I’ve read so far, many of the questions and comments have been
    related to the amount of smell created by the vapour. I’m no expert in the
    laws of nature, physics, or mechanical engineering, but I’m not about to
    let a little thing like that prevent me from weighing in with some thoughts
    about that subject anyway.

    Whether it’s the au naturelle reek of weed in a baggie*; vapour produced
    via a heating chamber; or a literal Where there’s smoke there’s fire
    situation, inevitably there’s going to be some pungency, as opposed to oil
    which can border on being odorless by comparison. I don’t know how the
    Pax’s vapour aroma compares to others vapes, but there’s no doubt that when
    you take a big hit while using the medium or high setting – no pun intended
    – the vapour permeates the environment, albeit not as badly as if you’re
    smoking. I don’t see a way around that.

    The one aspect of the Pax design I’m not happy about is that once you turn
    it on and the oven starts heating the herb, the smell is noticeable, and
    once you’ve taken your first hit the device pretty much reeks all the time.
    I’m not sure if other vapes have conquered that challenge, but if they have
    (or even if they haven’t), given its relative upper-end cost and proclaimed
    status, I’d have to call that a design flaw.

    Bottom line: If your decision to go with a vape has anything to do with
    olfactory anonymity in confined spaces, the Pax is definitely not the best
    tool for the job. Otherwise, it’s awesome.

  15. MalaklypsetheElder

    Anyone on here know of a device like this one that doesn’t cost as much? I
    would like to try this type of vaping but don’t know a lot about different
    types or the price range (with quality in mind of course). Is this a good
    price for a dry herb vape?

  16. TheFreeMindedGuardian

    These things are the ultimate mobile vaporizer folks!
    Its worth every penny I swear on EVERYTHING!!!! Some people asked how much
    u can put in and how long it last…
    You can “loosely” put “close” to a gram. But it all depends on what kind of
    bud you have.
    Different stains breakdown differently.
    How long does it last? Well if u smoke the whole chamber in one sitting it
    last me about 15 20 min hittin it over and over like blunt or joint. Pax is
    that shit! And boy u get FADED LOL 

  17. ithemadhatter

    Finally one that vaporizes it and doesn’t burn your weed. There’s so many
    idiots talking up the pen vapes that burn instead of vape

  18. InfestedChris

    For $250, I can buy a volcano. But this is nice for mobility. But damn too
    expensive, going to have to pass. Also would like to see in the video more
    details like, “how many hits can you get out of a full chamber” how much
    (in grams) of pot does the chamber hold?


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