Weedporn can be truly inspiring. And these pictures — the most uplifting ones we saw this week — are no exception.

If we could grow buds like this, roll joints like this, or blow glass like this, we’d be set for life. As it is, we’re lucky enough to check ’em out on Instagram.

And of course, to share them with you.


A freakin’ huge orangey-green nug

Weed in the sunlight > #PotPorn Follow my backup account! @pot.pictures 💯

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Magenta trichomes?!

The Grouch's trichome stalks are turning magenta 😍😍

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Donuts + weed?! What even is life.

Happy Dnut Day @fuckingweedlove

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Nugz 4 dayz


Wax ‘n’ weed ‘n’ everything nice

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