Platinum Cookies Shatter
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Today we check out the Hybrid Platinum Cookies from Kush extracts in So Cal. The premiere Extract Co in Orange County, we have been fortunate enough to try out a few of their different extracts and flower strains. They have different marijuana strains that can be found at local marijuana dispensaries in the Orange County part of Cali.

The Platinum Cookies genetics is a cut of Girl Scout Cookies, a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison. It leaves you with that great shatter effect that sets you on cloud 9. You know why it became one of the best marijuana strains. According the master growers the Platinum Cookies yields amazing flowers and the taste is just as great as the Shatter.

Just as you can expect the Platinum Cookies has a glowingly golden color and a hard, glassy consistency. The significant fruti flavor that this marijuana strain has grown to being identified as is what makes different marijuana strains hungry to replicate it. High temp or low temp, expect a blast of sweet vapor.

High concentrations of the hoppy Myrcene, an analgesic, and spicy Caryophyllene, an anxiolytic and antidepressant, terpenes go beyond just lending to Platinum Cookies’ flavor.

Fantastic for relieving anxiety due to its combination of relaxation and mental disconnect from the OG Kush, Platinum Cookies also develops happiness and a bright aura from the Durban Poison, making it an effective medication for psychosomatic problems.

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