The playoffs for the Los Angeles BallUp Million Dollar Summer Challenge is set. After 6 weeks of tough competition the playoffs are set they will feature the Cheaters, Kings of LA, Swag Champs (Swaggy P’s team) and the Future Legends.

Casper Ware of the Cheaters has been dominating the MDSC leading his team to an undefeated record while ranking #1 in pints and 3rd in assists in the league. The Cheaters will have to go up against the Swag Champs and the Future Legends will take on the Kings of LA.

Both of these games should be very entertaining as all 4 teams have high pace offenses that have provided highlight reels for days.

The winner of Los Angeles will still have to compete against the winning team from one of the other cities so even though Cheaters are a favorite with their undefeated record, the leading scorer for MDSC nationwide, Tre Kelly and the Wiz Kids could have what it takes to stop them from winning it all.

The playoffs for LA start on July 10th and the winner, from each market, will participate in a 6 team single elimination tournament to determine who the winner of the $500,000 grand prize will be determined.

Do you have a favorite from LA or any of the other markets? We want to hear who you guys think will win it all. Share your thoughts below!

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  1. cs24lakeshow

    not happening will the rules dont allow for it. I tried to hop on my buddies team and they wouldnt let me.

  2. will

    your crazy bro the swag squad is going to get a guest appearance from swaggy and hes going to dominate


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