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Purple Star MD is one of my favorite marijuana dispensaries to visit when I go up north. Many dispensaries in this area charge too much in my opinion for medication and most of the time the quality is just as good as the place next door so I do not see why I should pay so much.

So Purple Star MD gets my vote for being one of the best marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco.


My first time in this place I did not know what to expect. Most of the weedmap reviews were mixed with some claiming its a local favorite and others hating on it. Anyways I decided to try it out with a friend after hearing about their DOGO special. I usually like to go with the indica strains and when I came here nothing changed.

As part of their DOGO special you get an 8th, 1/4, or 1/2 of certain strains they will match equal amount for free! Its insane and most of the time the strains they have on that special are pretty good.

Most of the time when places run crazy specials like this the quality of the marijuana strains is very poor but not at Purple Star MD. After that initial experience I knew this dispensary was legit and the reviews were right.

So this is one of to go dispensaries when I am in the area. They also offer online orders and delivery services. So basically this place has it all with great prices and quality, you cannot beat it.

Purple Star MD
2520 Mission street
San Francisco, CA, 94110

Hours: Sun 9:30am-8pm Mon-Sat 9:30am-10pm

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