Prior to going to this dispensary I have heard mixed reviews about Riddlers. Some said they were a scam while other praised them for their product. So I decided to go check it out for myself and it was definitely an interesting experience. The location of Riddler’s is not the best of places but I was able to find parking and that alone was an accomplishment.

Upon walking in you are greeted and asked if you are a first time patient, if you are they have you go through the signup process which is was not too bad like other collectives. After signing up I had to wait for a little due to them being kind of busy. Once you walk in to the budroom their was so much to look at. They had a lot of everything, whether you are looking for flowers, edibles or concentrates they had it. For this trip I decided to go with concentrates and a little flower. For the flower I went with an Og like always and choose Yoda Og. The look and feel was better than its taste to give you an idea of the bud quality. The concentrate on the other hand was another story. The first one I noticed was the Mars Og and went with my gut and got that one. Lets just say it did not disappoint and was on point for concentrates. I think I went through it in a 2 days on my own and I picked up 2 grams.

All in all this is a great marijuana dispensary to come to if your on this side of town. The prices are reasonable and the quality is usually pretty good. Their have been times where I felt scammed though so I will put that out there. They run these specials but when you get their the specials are sold out. Kind of just gives me a bad vibe about this place.

The contact info is listed below:
11508 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90064


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