Ryan Clark, a 12-year veteran, joins the First Take desk to discuss marijuana use by NFL players and the league’s testing system.

60 Minutes (Australia) look at medical marijuana laws in Colorado and Australia. Includes the Charlotte’s Web high-CBD/low-THC strain named after the little girl who has the whole world watching.
See my video uploads for more about medicinal marijuana in Australia

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  1. Davide INYOURFACE


  2. Larsen Andersen

    60 Minutes Australia: “Green Rush” (2014), medical marijuana laws in
    Australia & Colorado

  3. HintonburgRep

    ill tell you what the long term affects are of oxy contin… addiction and
    death.. get tha fack atta heeere 

  4. Strav777

    It’s good this is getting more attention in Aus. However, there is much
    more than anecdotal evidence. Visit pub med and type in “Cannabis” “Cancer”
    as a search term, or download “Granny Storm Crow’s list” – there is an
    absolute plethora of scientific evidence. The US has even patented certain
    strains. Most importantly – it must be understood that the greatest medical
    benefits are from eating the plant or concentrates, not smoking it.

  5. PhoenixFlame

    Watch, Charlotte will grow up to be some genius and in great health. She
    will be living proof of just how amazing the Cannabis plant is. Fear
    mongers say it damages the young mind. It seems to have fixed Charlotte’s.

  6. Timothy Morrill

    Common sense tells me the risks are relatively low even in the long term
    compared to dying.

  7. Arnold Strong

    Did you know in Australia if a person is caught with Marijuana although
    being illegal the patrolling police officer would just give a warning or
    fine than arrest the person who may have big packet of marijuana that can
    be kilo or more.

    Why is this so?

    There’s allot of racism towards people of dark skin colour also towards
    foreign born citizens in the country that have no rights, no protection
    from the Australian government even in court only allowing the British
    White Australians born in Australia also communities they respect to only
    like ‘Pacific Islanders including Fiji Indians, Aborigines, half castes
    mixed with these communities, Phillipino’s and anyone with light skin
    communities to even for those are connected to a gangs the local police
    would support and protect like a mafia especially if they follow the bible
    as their religion like whoever follows the Jehovah church community finally
    to mention christians, Catholics and Protestants’ commit any crime they
    want to another person like harassment, physical abuse, domestic and
    personal violence crimes, carrying drugs even busted by the police they
    just get a warning or a fine but never to get locked up awaiting for court
    sentence like in other western countries they do.

    They could even get away for attempted murder or murder even and still get

    Is this right?

    Why can’t they all be penalized regardless of the crime whether they are
    light skin like whites, religious belief be, race, country they are born,
    community the Australian whites respect only to.

    Could other countries be the same respecting whom they want to give
    protection, rights to?

    You decide? 

  8. Anrae Morales

    I am so excited for the future of this natural medication. And look at all
    the new businesses! The help its doing is so positive. I wish the suffering
    families waiting for this help, the absolute best.

  9. Cherie Harrison

    I think they should legalize it in Australia I have osteoarthritis in the
    hands and the pain in my hands are 10 I can not sleep at all even for pain
    this is suppose to be good as there are elderly people taking it for
    osteoarthritis and they say they are a lot better and no more pain.

  10. Christian Anders

    i don’t need research, i don’t need tests. science can help… I have MS.
    the truth is i would be dead without Marijuana… legalize the damn plant.
    so many people are suffering for nothing. Marijuana can help and it works..

  11. tubertom

    4:00 Medicinal Marijuanna is of or relating to medicine because it treats
    of alleviates the symptoms of an illness or disease, namely the physical
    pain and suffering much like Pain Killers and many other Pharmaceuticals,
    but it doesn’t cure the sickness itself.

  12. Isaac Zamora

    You cant forget why this is necessary.
    as much as i hate the OBAMA care bill LAW…it should benefit those in need
    of cannabis/hemp.
    It is inevitable the legal side will come full circle…thats part of the
    whole lets get it legal…$$$$$$

  13. Ann Garton

    Could try it on Pots Syndrome seizures who knows it might cure my daughter
    who is 20 years old but I will go to Colorado when I find out if any one is
    cured of Pots Syndrome in Colorado. If she has to fly she may need a drip
    of saline and some oxygen to make it .

  14. OnlyHempFuture

    THC is the cannabinoid the Big Pharma fears most, CBD is derived from THC.
    The Politicians are100% in the back pocket of the Big Pharmas Owners.

  15. Laurene Nickerson

    Finally they admit Charlottes Web is Hemp!!!! Did you know Industial Hemp
    CBD is legal in 50 states in the US because basically the THC is so low
    it’s not considered a drug. The Industrial Hemp has to be imported because
    the laws haven’t changed enough yet for us to grow it. You can buy it
    online in the states and have it shipped to your door. You can get it in
    pastes, vap e-liquids, tinctures, topicals, pills… google it it is out
    there. With Hemp you don’t have to move, you don’t need special approval.
    You will have to do your research on what products you want and dosages
    because we can’t give medical advice. Start by googling Hemp CBD and
    looking for videos on you tube about Hemp vs Marijuana. I’m a rep for a
    Industrial Hemp CBD Wholesale Distributor and I am putting it on store
    shelves so yes it is legal.

  16. Scott SavagE

    Why isn’t it just legalized for recreational use?. It’s a seamless part of
    Australian culture already and always has been. Per capita Aussies use
    marijuana recreationally 3 times the global average. It’s legal in America
    and a lot of other places in the world. Even the president of the united
    stated admitted it’s less harmful then alcohol. In EVERY location in the
    world where it has been legalized there hasn’t been any negative social
    effects whatsoever.

    So why isn’t it just legalized for recreational use??? The government
    ‘making up crimes out of thin air’ where there is NO CRIME WHATSOEVER is
    the real crime. Who the hell gave them the job of defining what life is
    anyway?? I DIDN’T, DID ANY OF YOU? Do they think just because they don’t
    personally like or understand a thing it must be wrong?? Such infantile,
    primitive and ignorant thinking is absolutely indefensible for an official
    who is supposedly representing a people. We are mature adults and can
    define our life for ourselves.

  17. John Hiram

    Here in Maine medical pot is legal with 4 stores. I now use tintures of
    indica and sativa. My back pain level went fro a 9 to a 2. No more
    painkillers either.

  18. Matthew Caligari

    I am 34 years old and on 160mg OxyCodone a day for chronic pain. The sooner
    the old fucks understand the uncomfortable level of our pain and accept
    that Marijuana helps the better. 

  19. H Karlsson

    The title says Ryan Clark but he talks for like a minute and a half. after
    that its all propaganda shit spittin from Steven..

  20. William Sanders

    Wasn’t Lil’ Wayne stoned as fuck arguing solid points with Skip and Stephen
    A? He was laughing his high ass off while looking and talking off camera to
    his homie. Come on now…

  21. Carla Calarrao

    i think this should be legal in all 50 states because it can save lives…
    i suffer from insomnia and severe headaches and its difficult getting it
    legally cos i ain’t got documentation .
    Medical marijuana helps me a lot .
    I searched for long but i finally found a reliable connect who gets me top
    quality here
    he is very discreet too .I think people like him need to be given
    subsidies because he helps some of us without documentation
    I think we need to help others who dont have access to marijuana
    Hit him at 719-999-3543 if you need help finding top quality, he will help

  22. Felix Lighter

    Wait- I thought Stephen A and Ryan Clark had big time beef….anyone know
    how they sqaushed it?

  23. Cannabis is safer than alcohol.

    So I’m going to assume all the haters in the comments have no idea that You
    DON’T have to smoke it. Alternatives to Smoking are Vaporizers or Baked
    Goods as Food. Those two options immediately kill the “Smoking Argument” So
    now that Smoking is out of the question, I ask you What is your argument?
    You should educate yourself, Google is very easy to use. Type in Medical
    Cannabis and Get Educated 🙂 Cannabis is Medicine get over it. Alcohol
    Abuse is the Real concern not just in the NFL but in Sports period yet ESPN
    never mentions it. 28 people die everyday in America because of Drunk
    Drivers and Alcohol is the leading cause of Domestic Violence. Alcohol is
    also the leading cause of death in the Entire World. Cannabis is far
    healthier than Alcohol/Tobacco. Ignorance is not an Excuse. 

  24. Roy Munson

    You can go out and get drunk and act like a dumbass like Gronk and hurt
    your arm dancing but you can’t chill and smoke out. Why the fuck does it
    have to even be medicinal to be legal? Who uses alcohol for medicinal
    purposes? Why can’t it be legal because people enjoy using it? Why should
    we punish people for supposedly harming themselves if you think weed does
    that? Maybe we should make fast food, cigarettes, alcohol, knifes, and
    anything that could possibly harm you illegal and put bubble wrap around
    everyone. This shouldn’t be a debate, cannabis should be federally legal in
    every country for recreational and medicinal uses.

  25. ulisscarple

    Smoking ANYTHING is a bad move health wise. For a performance oriented
    professional athlete, putting smoke in the lungs is a bad move. If a person
    uses cannabis medicinally that is one thing. Smoking (anything) is a bad

  26. yemi akintunde

    Alcohol is responsible for more cases of domestic violence, deaths,
    accidents and stupid stuff than marijuana. Yet, alcohol is legal.

  27. mrrusss

    The greatest Olympian athlete in terms of medals and mastery of his sport
    smokes marijuana. The best wide receiver in the NFL last year (and I’m a
    Steelers fan) smoked marijuana while being the best wide receiver. Most of
    the greatest rock and jazz musicians idolized by fans smoked marijuana.
    Prominent successful actors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, etc. smoke
    marijuana. You don’t even have to smoke marijuana, you can eat it,
    especially if it’s not criminalized and you can get the ingestible
    products. It is mainly used in its natural form without chemically altering
    or processing it. It is very popular and not found to be as dangerous or
    addictive as alcohol. We have a very well-known historical example of what
    a horrendous idea criminalizing the drug alcohol was due to its popularity
    and the idea that people who wanted to use it didn’t feel tea totalers had
    the right to tell them not to. Criminalization is costly, promotes
    organized crime, and is if truth be told unconstitutional to do at the
    federal level. If you’re an idiot, you’re likely against marijuana use,
    even if you’re an obnoxious alcohol abuser. It’s time to get serious about
    freedom from this fucked up version of government oppression and social
    brainwashing. Or you could keep being someone’s bitch. Again I don’t use

  28. RBGHfam

    Imo this is a business decision. Public policy versus business ethics are a
    separate issue. If the NFL feels it is a detriment to their business, they
    can, and should suspend players for the use of Marijuana. On a personal
    level I think its bullshit, because we all know Alcohol is a much worse
    drug when it comes to ones actions, and that’s legal.

  29. MrVanDep

    The most dissappointed I’ve been with Stephen A. Dude is usually so
    educated and about the facts, and he took it way off base here. He just
    wants guys to lie and to be part of some bullshit rule? What kind of
    message does THAT send to kids? And why didn’t anyboyd mention drinking? I
    bet Stephen A has a drink once in a while to take the edge off, why can’t a
    player smoke a joint and reboot? 

  30. John Hibbs

    Its funny that the guy that tried to make excuses for Ray Rice can’t admit
    that most if not all of the players in the NFL could use Weed for medical

  31. johnbs199

    Smoking marijuana has been proven to help reduce the chance of concussions
    and also helps the brain after suffering a concussion. There’s about 20
    other health benefits too. Alcohol and cigarettes are far worse for
    someone’s health yet are legal. Makes no sense

  32. wsuptrick

    you guys are stupid for comparing alcohol and weed on a general comparison.
    look at the fact that these guys are pro athletes they are advertised and
    marketed as much actors and musicians but work more. no owner or coach
    wants his players showing up hungover, drunk, or faded to meetings,
    interviews, practices, workouts, and especially games. that’s
    unprofessional and could make your team and organization look bad. just
    like how you wouldnt want your dinner being cooked at a restaurant by
    someone that just had an hour long sesh on his bong

  33. layziehorse72

    stephen sounds like a dumbass here. he doesnt know what these players go

  34. xxTimesxx12Twelve12

    The older generation needs to get over marijuana. The youth is the future
    of this country and we allow marijuana in our lives. The older
    generation either needs to leave us alone when it comes to marijuana or get
    out of the way and leave the responsibility of running this country to us a
    little sooner then they wanted to. I cant believe how irresponsibly the
    older generation wasted time and money on trying to get rid of weed when
    terrorism, debt, gangs, police brutality and other things are “ACTUALLY”
    going to cause the future to be harder for us when we take over.

  35. Pure Hazee

    I think it’s awesome players can drink and smoke in the nfl. Like you know
    Lynch and Blount are baked during 2/3 of the season.

  36. mrrusss

    There are so many sheep in the world. The corrupt people who made marijuana
    illegal for financial reasons, not to mention racism, have the natural
    submissives so well trained that they automatically believe it’s their
    business what plants other adults ingest. They don’t ever even step back
    and ask, why am I talking about dictating what plant someone ingests? Their
    idiotic, sheepish default position starts with “marijuana is bad”, and they
    go from there deciding whether someone should be exempt from their judgment
    because of medical use, or if they’re just bad bad marijuana ingesters.
    Fuck you bitch. It’s none of your fucking business what plant I have in
    it’s natural form. How about that position, you little cunt. And for the
    record I don’t eat or smoke marijuana. I’m just not a sheep bitch.

  37. ESPN1stTake

    Steelers’ Ryan Clark, a 12-year veteran, joins the desk to discuss
    marijuana use by NFL players and the league’s testing system.


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