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Finding a solid dispensary in San Jose is not always that easy. With so many choices you have an abundance to try and figure out which one you should be going to. The other day I decided to give San Jose Organics a visit when I was in town. They are located in the busier part of town but finding them is pretty easy.

So I went at around 10 am on Wednesday to pick up some medications for the first time. It seems like I got lucky because some of the reviews on weedmaps talks about how busy they can be and how they make you wait in line.

Anyways after a few minutes later and signing some papers I made my way into the back and got to checking out all the different marijuana strains.

SJO had a variety of strains at great prices. it does not matter what strain you were looking for they had it. Most of their 8th were only $35 too which was nice.

Anyways I ended up walking out with a free gift which was a pipe so nothing special but the bud quality was pretty decent I ended up paying $0 for two different 8ths and when I got home it was comparable to a lot of other dispensaries in the area.

They offered decent medication at great prices so if your in the area and need some medication I would recommend checking them out.

I have listed the contact info below:
San Jose Organics
88 Tully Rd. #100
San Jose, CA, 95111

Hours: 9am-9pm everyday

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