After a long, hard, jam-packed week of work and social stuff and way too little sleep, the first thing I wanna do is… you guessed it, watch videos that make me laugh.

It’s surprisingly easy to let ourselves slip ‘n’ slide into a negative mindset that feeds itself, stress building upon stress, unhappy thought upon unhappy thought. Even if it’s just garden-variety boredom, you know that you’re not making this any easier on yourself.
Instead, do yourself a favor. Get comfy in your favorite Saturday sweats. Spark that joint you’ve been saving for just this occasion. And load up this extra-long collection we’ve put together for you, because we understand.


Wiz Khalifa’s mom is the MOST chill



Dabbing, close up



Now let’s switch it up with a little… THUG LIFE.



And a little more of the same…



Super Weed Bros






When cops eat edibles.



And now, a whole Carl compilation from Aqua Teen Hunger Force just because.



Basically the coolest joint of all time


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