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San Diego is an interesting city when it comes to medical marijuana. Most of the time it is hard to find a solid dispensary that has consistent medication and do not charge insane prices.

Thats why when I come down here I usually bring my medication with me to avoid having to pay the prices. But just like other stoners I dont always remember everything and thats when you are stuck paying the SD prices.

One of the better marijuana dispensaries in San Diego is SD greens. They are on the pricier side and do not offer many options for people on budgets but most of the time they have quality marijuana strains and great volunteers who are friendly and knowledgable.

My first time here kind of sucked because parking sucks here and they were busy but after that it was not too bad. My ftp deal was pretty cool I got a 5 gram 8th but beside that their deals are not really that special.

I dont know what it is about SD but compared to the rest of cali it always seems to be lacking overall. That doesn’t mean SD greens is bad its just the prices in this area and the quality seem to lack.

SD greens does have a decent menu of marijuana strains, edibles and concentrates so its not that bad its just don’t come here if you are on a budget since the prices are not the best and the cheapest 8th is still $45.

Overall with the options out here I would recommend SD greens or 5star meds when it comes to finding medical marijuana in San Diego unless you want to try out the delivery services.

I have listed the contact info below:
SD Greens
3636 University Avenue
San Diego, CA, 92104

Hours: 9am-1am everyday

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