This week, the state of Washington and the cannabis industry clashed over a seemingly odd topic: the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s been canceled by an organization called the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, or the LCB.

Basically, Washington state bill I-502 stipulated that all public marijuana-related activities — like the High Times Cannabis Cup — would have to go through an approval process via the LCB.

Even though the Cup has happened three times before in Washington, the process of taking the state from medical to full adult use could cost the community some privileges. Under I-502, even passing a blunt is illegal: people are no longer permitted by law to give cannabis to one another, not even if it’s just their turn for the joint.

It’s a serious shame that the Cannabis Cup has been canceled. It’s a place where community members can come together to share their experiences, expertise, and ideas with one another. Closing it is the opposite of progress.

We hope that Pacific Northwesters will get together at the Cup in Portland anyway.

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