The iconic Pacific Northwest basketball powerhouse team, the Seattle SuperSonics relocated and became the Oklahoma City Thunder almost seven years ago. With the amount of pride for the rain city that it’s citizens have created, Seattle has proven to be a vibrant sports town. Since the SuperSonics moved, the Brooklyn Nets are the only NBA team that has changed cities. Unfortunately Adam Silver has already expressed the fact that he will not allow another city change or a 31st team in the NBA.

“There are no plans to expand at this time, There is no discussion of any teams relocating right now.”” Silver told International Business Times on Saturday, following the All-Star Weekend press conference at Barclays Center.

The SuperSonics joined the NBA in 1967 actively spending 41 years in Seattle, coming through with a big win during the 1979 NBA Finals. There are a good amount if teams in the NBA that have the potential to relocate but none of them will be landing in Seattle. The Atlanta Hawks are currently up for sale, The Minnesota Timberwolves also have the lowest fan attendance in the league, and even the Milwaukee bucks are stadium-less at the moment.

It appears that Adam Silver has made up his mind about the Seattle Supersonic’s becoming a team again and it’s not going to happen. The city has a large following for anything sports related but apparently it’s simply not the time for the NBA to make drastic changes to it’s layout. Renowned hedge fund manager Chris Hansen worked on purchasing the Sacramento Kings in order to move them to Seattle, though he was unsuccessful in his attempt. With his efforts being over and done we will just have to wait until next year to bring up the matter once again.


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