Every smoker knows about OG Kush and a variety of legendary strains have come off of one of the original marijuana strains. SFV which comes from OG is one of my favorite strains and to be able to try out a shatter that comes from the strain only made things better. As usual the first thing I did was smell the shatter and check out the color. both were impressive and left me excited about how it was going to taste.

Foundation extracts did an amazing job with this strain being it was rock hard. Most extract companies might try to skimp on the production of certain concentrates but you can tell Foundation didn’t. Natural sunlight poured through this extract like a Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass window, and it remains in my mind as a significant yard stick against which to measure in reviews to come.

Low temp dabs open up the flavor profile of sweet, incense like earthiness. I found it to be incredibly flavorful, with a sour citrus aftertaste, and the smell left behind in a room after dabs of it was better than any $28 Yankee Candle. Aesthetically, this shatter was one of the finest I’ve had cross my desk.

SFV OG is a surprisingly capable member of the OG family, especially as the high builds. Beginning with an uplifting rush, eventually you mellow, melting slightly after the peak. The change is subtle but enjoyable. An up and down strain, each dab session is a journey that typically leaves you right with the world around you. Ever present with these dabs is that fantastic SoCal relaxation common to OG Kush.

But don’t underestimate it, as it lacks nothing in terms of potency. It can be stoney and dazed after a particularly large dab, requiring a moment to get your center back. Overall, the mark of a good product is whether I’d get it again, and the answer here is a confident affirmative.

Source: OC Weedreview

SFV OG Shatter
88%Overall Score
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  1. henry

    sfv og has always been one of my favorite marijuana strains. Its the best way to end my day after dealing with the bs at work


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