Should You Learn How to Make Marijuana Beef Jerky
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Ever wondered how Marijuana Beef Jerky tastes or how it even came to be? One of the first brands to create a beef jerky that was medicated was created by Mama Kush.

When I first found out about I was intrigued and excited to try it out. I have always loved beef jerky and when I found out Mama Kush combined the best of two things and created marijuana infused beef jerky I had to try it out.

Mama Kush Edibles starts with high quality steak when making their beef jerky, not the stringy, fibrous meat you find in a lot of mainstream brands jerky. Their jerky reminds you of that homemade jerky grandma would make when she knew you were coming over.

It is perfectly cured and seasoned with a sweet and flavorful teriyaki sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds, and then kicked up with some cracked black pepper.

The marijuana jerky is not light either so dont sleep on it. It has almost 11 mg of CBD to 75 mg of THC, meaning there is lots of physical sedation and anti-anxiety effects. So make sure you plan accordingly when eating these edibles. You can try to get marijuana beef jerky recipe but I do not know if it will compare to Mama Kush Edibles, so try at your own risk.

I know I like to eat a handful of jerky especially if the taste is right and with Mama Kush weed beef jerky you can find yourself really high if you don’t watch how much you consume. So check out marijuana beef jerky next time your at your local clinic. If they dont have it request because I can tell you you will not be disappointed.

Courtesy: OC Weed Review

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