To prepare for this review, I spent a rare rainy SoCal day watching all 6 of the Star Wars movies in order, from episode 1 to episode 6, Jar-Jar to the Ewoks, in a single sitting. And although, materially, this added nothing of value to my review, it was a great way to pause and spend some time getting to know this popular hybrid.

I first reviewed Skywalker OG in a rather under-performing wax almost two years ago. However, this sample of Skywalker OG, a hybrid of Skywalker (Blueberry x Mazar) x OG Kush, is from the extracting team The Extractress and A to Z Extracts.

I had the chance to meet this duo at the Orange County Oilers Super Sesh this past December, where they were melting minds with their dabs. It seems like everything they touch turns to THC laden gold, and I was excited to get my hands on some of their work courtesy of Strictly OG in downtown LA.

This concentrate was taffy-like in anything but the coldest weather, but it shone with the most brilliant golden color under any light. Almost translucently clear, some of my favorite macro shots have come photographing this sample. As soon as I opened the parchment, I was hit with an acidic citrus smell and some musky earth.

The flavor is equal to the scent with some sour fuel and sweet berry notes as well. As complex a sensory profile as I’ve had in a concentrate, it was an absolute joy to dab. And the fact that is was neither too sappy nor too glassy made it a breeze to use.

Indica dominant, this high is mostly about the body, with cerebral effects being secondary. There was a serious daze to it, making it a great strain for unwinding with.

Strongly disincentive, the stoned feeling lasts from start to finish. I found it to be perfect for a day watching TV or movies or playing video games. A bit too hazy for anything real productive, the Blueberry and OG Kush both contribute to the mellow mood and physical relaxation.

Yet the real charm of this strain is its pain melting ability. Mazar is sought after for its typically high CBD numbers and offers just that extra kick my arthritis pain needs.

Used late enough in the day, there can be some noticeable lock to watch out for, and for those suffering from insomnia, it brought me down enough, anxiety wise, to drift off to sleep without the tension of the day remaining.

Skywalker OG Shatter Review
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