The crew over at KarmaLists took the time to sit down with Wu-Tang legend Smoke DZA to find out some of his favorite marijuana strains. The rapper has tried a lot of different marijuana strains so he probably know’s a little something about good buds.

Think you can guess them all?

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  1. Michael Mason

    Purple kush is great a strain and it works like magic for insomnia.
    Interested in purple kush?? call/text:(408)419-9480 or
    email:michaelmasonjr320 at gmail dot com

  2. TMA DOT Blogspot

    you forgot to ask him what he was smoking on during the interview tho…

  3. purplelungz82

    It depends on the individual and the type of strain your smoking cause
    every real smoker has their own favorite strain and there’s so many
    different strains that most of you never even heard of how can u jump on
    someone’s else’s favorite five list of strains and not have your own real
    list that’s considered dick riding

  4. BlazedKin

    I would put buddah at number 1 personally, I liked it a lot better the sour
    D and shit idk if i could say its better then OG tho maybe a tie for first

  5. Sickwidit 709

    Orangutan Ganja: “Really strong weed that Asian Orangutans smoked with
    Budda, in Buddhist mythology. Now used as a marketing term, it’s a
    universal adjective that has largely lost its original meaning. Used to
    describe strong weed. (i.e., OG Kush, OG Sativa, OG Indica, etc.)”

  6. Emanlives

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really like fucking with Sour

  7. aahmed3688

    This guy doesn’t know shit, purp kush in the top 5, because its a different
    color GTFO a true grower/smoker knows why it’s purple and it’s not a good


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