If Weedstagram has a king, it’s definitely Snoop Dogg. And his loyal followers are happy to admit it.
From a casual Saturday night blunt:

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  To a TV appearance in friggin’ sweatpants:  

So many pros.

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Snoop is killing it. And what makes his methods so cool is that, by all appearance, Snoop Dogg’s Instagram is just about the star being himself.

Snoop, aka Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, has a lot of identities and faces to go with them.

Sometimes, he’s the ballin’ performer we all know and love:

D. J.

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  Other times, he’s moonlighting as “Todd,” a white guy who just wants to connect:  

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And even if some people think he’s losing his mind, every sonic superhero has haters, and has since the beginning of time.

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  Recently, Snoop invested in a marijuana startup delivery app called Eaze. And word is on the street that he’s keeping one eye open at all times for similar opportunities.   You might say that Snoop’s been investing — financially and mentally — in Weedstagram as a whole. After all, by supporting parts of the cannabis community that’ll help it to grow and stabilize and become even more lucrative, Snoop Dogg is looking to the future of marijuana — and it seems he likes what he sees.  


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When our favorite Dogg was starting out in 1992 in the LBC, we can’t help but wonder what he saw himself doing 23 years in the future. Did he know he’d be the face of cannabis reform in many circles? Did he realize that he’d be an instrumental, respected, and necessary part of the community?

Hey — maybe Snoop knew all along. After all, I just can’t imagine the man ever second-guessing himself.

Hey DJ.

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Can you?

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  1. Jake

    lol i’m obsessed with todd. white guys connect! snoop killin it as always~`


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