Both Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purp are all-known marijuana strains around the community. Strictly OG has brought the tqo together to bring us this amazing hybrid.
Many growers are creating new strains by experimenting with their cultivation. Some of the strains turn out ok while other are amazing. The SD x GDP Strain was one of the more pleasant ones.

When I first saw the strain I got a feeling that it was going to be as good as it smells. While this strain isn’t as dense as I usually like them it definitely impressed me with the taste and effects. Smelling the purls had me excited to try it out and see what the hype was all about. It did not fail. The after effects were typical of a saliva dominant hybrid where it was more of an active high versus being couch locked.

As mentioned before, this bud combines two legendary strains.  Starting with Ken Estes’ creation, GDP is a breeding of Purple Urkle x Big Bud.  A patient favorite and not just because of its interesting coloring, Grand Daddy Purp is an exemplary indica, used for a wide variety of physical symptoms.  On the other end of the spectrum is Sour Diesel, of preeminent NYC fame.  

This hybrid offered some detailed coloration in its bud, but not a lot of the deep purple you might expect from a Purple Urkle strain.  There were plenty of dark purple hairs, though.  And when broken up, there was an obvious lavender purple hue mixed with the faintly toned greens.  There were tons of purple terps in the flavor profile, overpowering Sour D’s fuel smell.  That makes for a mildly sweet, over-ripe berry that carried well past the green hit.  As with the entire flower menu from Strictly OG, this harvest consists of perfectly picked buds that are heavy with creamy trichomes.


Courtesy: OC WeedReview

Sour Diesel x Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review
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