One of the better clinics in San Jose, South Bay Healing Center offers quality medication for their patients mixed with some knowledgable tenders who can help you find what you need. They are located off of the 280 freeway and can easily be found. One of the older marijuana dispensaries in the area you know you can count on quality.
As you can tell this marijuana dispensary is one of my favorite clinics in the area, I have been here numerous times and for the most part every experience has been great. Their has been a few times where I end up walking out with some mediocre flowers but that could be a result of being so used to their amazing medication. Anyways the only knock I have about them is the prices can be slightly high. With so many dispensaries in the area I would be expecting to pay around $45 for an 8th of some top shelf. They charge nearly $55 for some top shelf here.

Anyways overall this is a great dispensary that has been part of the community for sometime now and is a great option for your medication needs. They even have great daily deals and ftp deals so you know you can always count on some type of discount when you go here.
I have listed the contact info below:
South Bay Healing Center
991 Saratoga Ave Ste. 140
San Jose, CA, 95129

Hours: Sun-Closed Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

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