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When I first heard of SPARC SF someone referred to it as the Apple of marijuana dispensaries. They were not lying. This is got to be one of the most designed dispensaries that I have been to.

Everything about this place screams presentation and welcoming. The volunteers are very knowledgable and have great customer service skills. The only problem is to maintain a place like this comes cost which usually affects the end-product.


After reading some good reviews on weedmaps about the quality and atmosphere of this clinic I decided to give it a try. Upon arriving you start to realize the unique design but the only problem with the location is parking sucks.

Just as the weedmap reviews mentioned, they have great volunteers so the signup process went by pretty smoothly. But being able to actually check out the different strains and concentrates took a while since they were pretty busy. But once I got to check out the strains I saw what the hype was all about. The dispensary has some high quality marijuana strains and even their lower end strains were pretty nice. But keep in mind if you are on a budget this is not the place to come to, their top shelf is $60.

Overall it is definitely one of the better clubs in town, if it was not for the prices I would recommend this place more but a lot of people are on budgets and care more about the bottom line which is cost. If your in the area it is worth checking out, they do five you 15% as a ftp deal too!
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I have listed the contact info below:
1256 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103

Hours: 9am-9pm everyday

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