So spice is a type of herbal product that was popularized in Europe in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. Essentially because of marijuana or cannabis is so interesting from a pharmacological standpoint, all these laboratories started developing compounds that could mimic the effects of the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis or marijuana.

And essentially they need to get stronger and stronger potency ones to bind to the receptors in stronger and stronger fashion to do tests and studies in a more accelerated fashion.

As is done in research laboratories. So one the laboratory of John Huffman American scientist. His group was experimenting with different compounds. Completely different structures to the naturally occurring compounds in cannabis. But they all ended up having activity at this one receptor in the human body.

So to make a long story short, that molecule somehow leaped out of the laboratories that compound, and people started putting that super strong compound into herbal blends in Europe. It was where it first appeared. Sometimes it goes by the name spice or K2. It’s maybe about five to one hundred times more potent at the cannabinoid receptor than tetra-hyrdo-cannbinol or THC which is one of the naturally occurring strong compounds in marijuana.

Now people purchase this and use it to get some experience of an alteration of consciousness which is a normal behavior in humans to want to change their mind state. But these compounds are very new, they’re synthetic, they’re designer, they haven’t been tested very much on humans.

There’s lots of reports of psychotic reactions because it’s extremely potent. It turns out naturally occurring cannabis, those cannabinoids like THC aren’t that strongly binding to the receptor. They’re actually called partial agonists. And these are full agonists and they can have very strong effects. So it is a fake marijuana in the sense that it’s not really cannabis or marijuana that we’re talking about.

It’s a synthetic super synthetic cannabinoids that have been sprayed onto herbal blends that people smoke. The United States government has made these extremely popular by banning them. Which they recently, the DEA emergency scheduled them into the most restrictive class in the federal drug laws. And of course when you do something like that you make it very, very interesting as a forbidden fruit.

So the gentleman who invented this first compound, John Huffman, so that you know if people want to change their consciousness, they should stick to marijuana.

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  1. Lazaro Hernandez

    Don’t smoke spice if u have a weak tolerance because tha shit will kill

  2. Elizabeth Ledesma

    Spice is something no body should fuck with like honestly that shit will
    take your mind somewhere else like literally you’ll things that you never
    want to see in your life. My experience was horrible as well like my friend
    kept trying to talk to me and calm me down an I would here everything very
    late like 10 mins after an just makes your body feel super weird like you
    can’t feel anything. An is just the suecidal thoughts you get in your head
    like trying to harm your self shit is real. And you can’t even tell if you
    in the real world or your just a spirit walking like dead a ghost or in
    hell etc. just something not cool & shouldn’t invent those shits. K2 stop
    me from smoking period an I hate how I can’t smoke high grade or regs
    thinking I’m gonna do k2 again so I don’t risk shit for nothing. Be safe

  3. proofskate1

    Yeah sure overdose that shit the fith time didnt feel anything then i got a
    blackout thought i was dying and fucking trapper and spinning and repeating
    heartbeat fear like a motherfucker dont use that shit it will kill you
    IF you are weak mentally wich i am not you will probably commit suicide IF
    you overdose like i did i know a guy who has smoke this shit over a year
    and he is a complete retard Soom mental hospital and pchycosis and shit use
    normal kush weed or skunk IF you have read so far

  4. All of Starscream's loses (and everything unsavory to him) is non-canon. Shut up.

    Fuck this synthetic garbage.

  5. Angel Dark

    That shit got me so high, loved it it hits you way faster than weed, & it
    doesn’t last as long. I really wish I had some now. XD 

  6. CustomJ

    Just legalise REAL weed already! They say no because it has’nt been
    tested. I personally have been running my own human trials with weed for
    the last 30 years and the results are just in: IT’S FUCKING AWESOME….
    Legalise NOW FEDS!

  7. Dur Sif

    First thing i ever did was K2 and it was crazy fun. But only lasted 30-45


    IN a year this will be banned.

  9. tyler rhine

    Funny thing is its closer to meth then weed so get your shit right dumb ass

  10. jr j

    Fuck spice don’t smoke that shit !
    Smells nasty as fuck gives me a headache nasty ass shit , i smoke weed
    bitch fat kush blunts , I tried SALVIA before lol that shit makes u trip ,
    Fuc k2, spice, tooty watever the hell u wana call it

  11. Jason Gible

    Why the hell do they put pot in this name for, this is nothing like pot and
    has nothing to do with it !!!!!!!!! You can not die from pot or from
    withdrawals but you can from this spice crap AND THE LEGAL DRUG ALCOHOL !!
    Which kills more people each year then any illegal drug ,!! How sick is
    that, you get high from alcohol and kids use this drug first not pot cause
    its easy to get and legal . Alcohol is the worst drug there is and yet
    nothing is done about this. Very sad but cause all higher ups use this
    legal drug alcohol.

  12. Isabel Juarez

    Spice is the shit way faster high nd priceless. I need spice right

  13. beyondtehclouds

    Smoke in any way shape or form is not to be inhaled into the lungs. Lungs
    were designed to inhale air and absorb the oxygen and exhale carbon
    dioxide. Inhaling any type of smoke from any substance is counterproductive
    and unhealthy which is why you cough because your body is rejecting it.

  14. Monstertalon

    I gave up Spice 3 days ago. I’m done for good. I had a few bad experiences.
    As did my brother and neighbor. Leave that stuff alone people. Please. 

  15. Brother Wise

    I smoked this shit so that I would have a clean piss test. After about 3
    months, I could account for getting too high, up while im supposed to be
    sleep, and not being able to sleep when I didn’t have it. When I quit, I
    had panic attacks for at least a weak. High blood pressure, elevated heart
    beat for no reason up to like 135, and people I know said my eyes looked
    like I was phyco. Don’t mess with this stuff.


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