Episode #5
‘Nothin’ But Web’

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  1. EDJR0

    I hope you know that this was for a scene for a movie. The girl that he he
    hit is Taryn Terrell. She is a professional wrestler that wrestles for TNA.

  2. Reagan Stark

    This is fake. It was staged for a movie. In reality, all the cheerleaders
    would not have huddled around her so quickly. They would have put their
    hands over their face in disbelief. Maybe two people would come to her

  3. Greggzz732

    Wow, I can’t believe so many people think this is real without even an
    attempt to be the slightest bit skeptical. Will Ferrell is an outrageous
    comedian. He’s has a brilliant business mind in self-marketing, as well as
    in entertainment in general.

    Not only that, but if you’ve ever read up on him or seen him in interviews;
    you would see he is a genuinely nice guy and would never do such a blatant
    act of violence for no reason whatsoever. It was staged. He probably
    modestly approached the cheer leaders, told them his intentions and asked
    if anyone would like to volunteer. If I were a cheerleader, I would have
    jumped at the opportunity. Then he probably apologized in advance if the
    plush ball would hurt the cheerleader anymore than she though.

    I ramble, but man, people need to try to be a little more intelligent. 

  4. John Seeker

    Are people really asking if this was staged?? Lol. Of course it is. He’s
    promoting a movie. The cheerleader getting hit is probably an actress as

  5. euromo7

    If you watch the full length video you will notice that Will bounces a ball
    a few times but then grabs another one that he never bounced and threw it
    at the girl. I’m guessing its a soft rubber ball like the ones used in
    Dodgeball. It’s all plotted out to bring viewers to his new movie. Thumbs

  6. Michael Bauers

    I used to be a fan, after this, will burn all my Ferrell movies then bury
    the ashes. Hitting a defenseless cheerleader? Maybe she had it coming ;)

  7. Wilson Miya

    U can obviously see her tilt her head a little bit before he hit her not
    even obviousbhe would if she didnt know. And the way she fell was she liked
    flopped on the ground. The way a wrestler would. If you watch more hd and
    closer videos. Yup. Then u will see

  8. TheGreatNorth

    Oh my god I saw a comment saying it was encouraging boys to hit women. What
    the fuck?! Why do people read into this whatever they want?

  9. Jacob Ruiz

    All of these dumbasses in the comments thinking its real lol. When she gets
    hit you can see all the cheerleaders laughing the security the escorted him
    out laughing too

  10. Germán

    This surely is a possible scene of the movie “Get Hard” that premieres in
    July this year. I clarified this for the ignorant people who think this
    really happened.

  11. Spencer Green

    what a disgrace plain and simple if this is fake then it should of never
    been shown if this is real this this asshole should never be filmed all
    your doing is telling the younger boys its ok to hit a woman what a
    disgrace FUCK YOU WILL.

  12. DealioTV

    when was the last time you saw 5 cameras film a cheerleader gig Its for a
    movie staged 

  13. Corey Boebel

    brUHHHHHH. 4:43!?!?!? behind the back through his legs!?!?!? fuck that was

  14. FactionOfTheBestGame

    Spiderman clothes give him a power!!So soon All Basketball Teams, will wear
    a spiderman clothes

  15. xJustASubscriberx 21

    Spiderman just straight up left his jordan 3 in an alley way…..

  16. Joseph Sistona

    Supposedly trying out his new suit but theres already a hole in his shoes
    lol @1:57 

  17. vernon buckner

    The professor ain’t good man. He with that street balling shit. 1,000
    dollars this man couldn’t come down to my court and do this shit. We
    balling 24/7 working hard playing hard. You think you good. Oh my nigga you
    ain’t seen good. Let your fans see you get ya ass beat by us and then post
    it on youtube scrub

  18. Alex Vo

    FUCK OFF With these corny ass intros and get right to the hoop game. Shit,
    that’s what everyone is here for anyways.

  19. Grg

    Guys i think there is a mistake this is fake. White guys cant beat black
    guys at ball

  20. TheFactsX

    Ain’t nobody D up on him, they just let him score. If I’m gonna lose I’m
    going to actually ball out and try me best. These niggas already lost
    before they even stepped on the court. Either they bum as fuck, or this
    part five is fake as a bitch. 

  21. Marble144

    WOOOOAAAHHHH!!! was that Deadpool???? XD I think marvel should make a comic
    series off of this cause this is getting pretty legit man!

  22. MrSonoffabeach

    wonder when will Spidey meet gentle Uncle Drew on the bball court LOL

  23. Mitch Schumann

    Why isn’t this dude in the NBA? He literally dances with the ball! 

  24. SuccessionFilms

    Need to get a better vfx editor or get better editing on the spiderman
    shots. And make spiderman smaller, he looked like he was 9ft in the shots
    of him swinging. Could do with adding a bit more speed to them as well with
    a motion blur and some colour correction to make the shots match each
    other. Bballing was on point though (Y)

  25. wloydwiii

    So know the Hulk and Deadpool?!!
    What about Jamaal Crawford and the Captain America and Spider-Man team up?
    And Deadpool goal tended on spiderman at the end


    This is fake! He’s not the real spiderman!

  27. Gordon Ho

    I really enjoy these spiderman videos, but is it just me or he only plays
    against scrubs who can’t really ball? I will like to see him play the
    ballers at courts in Brooklyn or Coney Island.


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