It can be your hero, baby. It can chase away the pain.

Quite literally.

Herojuana — aka Herijuana — is a true superstar in the world of cannabis.



An indica, Herojuana is seen in the cannabis world as a “heavyweight.” It’s known for its intense sedative and chill-you-out effects.


Taste and Smell

Herojuana smells strongly of sandalwood, making it a killer strain for basically every hippie you know. Its smoke is smooth and pleasant, and it may leave you with an aftertaste of… coffee?



The buds on this plant are as dense as can be, meaning you’ll be happily surprised by how far your stash stretches. And the nugs are essentially Trichome Town.

Although the plant itself tends to start out by growing horizontally, eventually it shoots out straight up. It generally grows to be about four feet tall.
herojuana marijuana strain review


The effects of Herojuana are manifold, but mainly, this is one indica that’ll have you on heavy couchlock. Patients say it makes them “lazy,” “sleepy,” and “euphoric.” All of these are great features when it comes to managing pain, and Herojuana’s bodily effects are quite a lot akin to a muscle relaxant.

In other words, don’t smoke this one and drive. [Photo:]

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