It can be your hero, baby. It can chase away the pain.

Quite literally.

Herojuana — aka Herijuana — is a true superstar in the world of cannabis.



An indica, Herojuana is seen in the cannabis world as a “heavyweight.” It’s known for its intense sedative and chill-you-out effects.


Taste and Smell

Herojuana smells strongly of sandalwood, making it a killer strain for basically every hippie you know. Its smoke is smooth and pleasant, and it may leave you with an aftertaste of… coffee?



The buds on this plant are as dense as can be, meaning you’ll be happily surprised by how far your stash stretches. And the nugs are essentially Trichome Town.

Although the plant itself tends to start out by growing horizontally, eventually it shoots out straight up. It generally grows to be about four feet tall.
herojuana marijuana strain review


The effects of Herojuana are manifold, but mainly, this is one indica that’ll have you on heavy couchlock. Patients say it makes them “lazy,” “sleepy,” and “euphoric.” All of these are great features when it comes to managing pain, and Herojuana’s bodily effects are quite a lot akin to a muscle relaxant.

In other words, don’t smoke this one and drive. [Photo:]

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2 Responses

  1. StoneyFox

    Oh and for the record, the strain I’m referring to was the “Herojuana Jr.” that was. 8.55% The “Jr.” part may have a lot to do with the low THC content on the particular “Jr.” strain.

  2. StoneyFox

    Got some yesterday from a Vegas dispensary. Low THC for med grade 8.55%. Bargain priced though, $100 an O but with a 25% coupon I got it for about $80 out the door. LOL. Those are ’90’s prices!… and I used to get some pretty crappy Mex back in those days (for those of you who remember). My buds look like the ones in the pic but they’re not at all “dense”, they’re fluffy as hell. Good though. Was trying to figure out what that taste was and it IS Sandlewood for sure. Not “Stinky” but has a little something going on in the fragrance dept. Not “couchlock” bud either… at least not for me. Kind of a mild-medium happy, productive high. Not mind numbing like some of the strains. Really, really enjoy this one. Not only because it was THE 1st LEGAL bud I’ve ever bought (YOU ROCK NEVADA!), but just because I can puff on it a little throughout the day and be a little stoned and happy… and not on the nod like a freaking junkie. Plus, I LOVE to smoke marijuana, and you can’t beat a nice fatty or especially some fat bong hits of this mellow strain… especially at $80 an ounce!


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