Everyone wants to be happy. And a little Grape Ape definitely does the trick.



The strain — a cross of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani — looks exactly as you’d imagine from its name: purple as f—.

Plus, it smells a lot like those grape-flavored candies nobody ever wanted in elementary school. (Funny how things change.)



Grape Ape, which is an indica, is known for its euphoric effects. Patients report feeling nice ‘n’ lazy, or blissfully sleepy, after they medicate.

It’s also an excellent pain and stress reliever, busting both mental and physical anguish right out of the park.



The nugs themselves are super compact and seriously kief-y. Take a gander:

Photo: marijuanarates.com

Photo: marijuanarates.com

It originally came from Washington state, where Apothecary Genetics bred it. Since then, the strain has made its way into the bowls of stoners nationwide — as I can attest after buying it many times while at school in Massachusetts.

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