With a 5:2 CBD:THC ratio, Harlequin, a hybrid strain born of three parents — Colombian Gold, Thai, and “a Swiss landrace strain” — is a superstar for people looking to quell their anxiety, pain, or stress without getting too high.



Its origins are mysterious, but the effects are palpable. Leafly users say that Harlequin makes them feel happy, euphoric, and focused; medically, it helps to treat everything from anxiety to muscle spasms, and of course, pain.

The coolest thing about this star player is that the CBD mostly cancels out its THC levels, meaning that patients don’t get very stoned when they use it.



Harlequin buds are an entrancing shade of green and dotted with golden-orangey hairs. These flowers are dense and large, a joy to hold in the hand or to photograph. (Or, you know… to smoke.)



Like most other well-bred strains, Harlequin doesn’t have much of a downside. Unsurprisingly, users report a serious case of the drymouth and dry eyes with this one. But, hey, doesn’t that just mean the medicine is working?

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