Stephen Curry is a on a rampage this year scoring at will and helping the Golden State Warriors stay on top of the Western Conference. We got his full highlights from 2/24/15 when they played the Wizards.

The Splash Bros are the key players behind the Golden State Warriors success this year. Along with Steve Kerr leading them the team is clicking on all levels.

Missed the highlights from All-Star Weekend 2015 ?



25 Responses

  1. Chef Curry

    Shat on John Wall today. Can do just about anything on the basketball
    court, deserves MVP over Harden.

  2. Jose Lechuga

    I’m a huge Lebron fan but gotta give credit where credit is due, MVP for
    sure this year, dont give me no free throw harden 

  3. RobTheSharkie

    is it just me or do they not drop down low when they drive. it looks like
    theyre standing straight up lol

  4. Fei Long

    there’s no denial. Stephen Curry is MVP. Best player period. Harden got
    nothing on Steph.

  5. Patriot Glo

    Top PG Post Jordan
    Jason Kidd
    Tony Parker
    Steve Nash
    Chris Paul
    Chauncey Billups
    Derrick Rose
    Russell Westbrook
    Stephan Curry
    Baron Davis
    Gilbert Arenas

  6. Kendall Green

    That dunk attempt was pathetic steph lol crazy how he balls with suck
    little athletic ability 

  7. Kent Jackson

    James Harden or Stephen Curry for MVP? GSW has better record than HOU but
    James Harden have been playing mostly w/o his sidekick. Its real close. 

  8. Deshaun Jales

    He kicked Wall’s ass tonight and is the best pg in the league, but the one
    thing I will say, and mind you I’m not one to complain about officiating,
    because everyone is the victim of it, but it is absolutely ridiculous how
    disrespected Wall is by the officials. I saw him drive multiple times and
    get HAMMERED by Thompson and others and there was not even 1 call. And that
    shot that Curry took at 3:36 was NOT a foul on Wall, in the slow mo replay
    Wall got all ball and they gave the free throws to Curry because he
    flopped, and because he deserves respect from officials. I will say it
    once, Wall is the most disrespected superstar in the NBA by referees.

  9. Ajay Bandagonda

    At this point it’s between Curry and Westbrook. Harden got locked up by

  10. Praise the Lord

    Curry plays in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died for all of our
    sins. We must all love and recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior as
    Curry does. Only then shall we be free. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  11. Golden Aura

    C’mon now 32 points, 2 steals and 8 assists. This is curry’s year he
    winning MVP harden ain’t winning shit with his overrated ass

  12. lapse

    comments you see at the bottom or more respective and gives credit where
    its due and why the hell do i not see them at the top?? Trolls these

  13. Olajide Jegede

    This game showed why he is an mvp candidate. I mean cmon now. Seriously? 32
    points, 8 assists, 2 steals, 0 turnovers against a good point guard in john
    wall? This dude is sick

  14. Lord Curry

    Gonna be the best PG in the league by the end of his career Curry>>Harden
    and if you don’t agree….you are a idiot

  15. GodMelo Anthony

    Best PG? no Hes the Best Player period … MVP 32 pts 8 ast and 0 turnovers


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