Dude Perfect put together this great youtube video of the stereotypes we all see at the courts. Do you know which one you are? Mr. Excuses or are you the one telling everybody where to go aka the Player Coach.

Pickup Basketball Dude Perfect Editions

  Going to the park to play some pickup basketball can be fun as long as you can avoid those typical players. Aka Pickup ballers. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em. They are at the courts every time and always play as expected.

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  1. Chris Sage

    the worst is the KOBE wannabe. putting up al the shots and causing us to lose

  2. Pandas

    Try to do a baseball stereotypes. Although I love your videos and haves
    watch every single one from your channel to the whistle channel, I think it
    would be nice to do a baseball stereotypes video. Try to get at least a
    baseball video in because the baseball season is starting again and it
    looks like you only have a couple of baseball videos. hope you do.

  3. GamerLive

    im the decieving one who looks like i CANT play but im the best person on
    the TEAM

  4. David Miller

    This is even more funny now that I’ve been playing for a while.

  5. Al Ashkenaz

    I guess I am the my bad + player coach guy. Meh. I don’t mind. 

  6. MyScores.ca

    We’ve all seen a few of these guys when we’re out for a pick up game.

  7. M Summer

    I love the player/coach guy… “ BANANA SWIRL”

    Hey, they are missing the “it’s always your fault guy”

    They throw a bad pass and tell you where you should have cut…
    They shoot and say because they wanted to pass but you weren’t looking.
    You get a rebound and turn to pass and they think they are open and yell
    that you didn’t pass it to them!!

  8. Tanner S.

    What about the guy who is scared to get hit on the head by a basketball

  9. Dude Perfect

    NEW Stereotypes video coming on Monday! Any guesses??

    While you wait, decide which friend of yours is one of these annoying
    Basketball Stereotypes!

  10. Eli Flint

    Im that tall guy who only shoots threes.. I’m 14 and 6’6′ (yes I can dunk)
    but for some reason, I think I’m like a perfect three point shooter lol 

  11. Dude Perfect

    You love ’em. You hate ’em. You may be one of ’em.
    Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball is LIVE!

  12. William Blackburn

    If you were at the park playing Ultimate yesterday and were a little
    baffled at the use of the term Banana Swirl this video will install clarity
    into your mind:)

  13. vaibanez17

    You forgot a couple, although I realize you can’t cover them all. 1)Ball
    hog: Guy who never passes and nobody likes to pass to him because he’ll try
    to shoot when double covered and always misses. 2)The one guy who is
    actually great and scores every time they touch the ball because nobody
    else can play real basketball. 3)You did the rage guy, but you didn’t do
    the whiny mad guy who always makes excuses for why they couldn’t do things
    and swears they’re “never playing with you guys again!” but always does.
    4)Guy who thinks everything is a foul, I mean everything. Flops more than
    LeBron, and thinks any contact is an automatic foul.

  14. ravensray

    You forgot the white guy that wears air Jordan shoes and a NBA jersey who
    thinks he is good

  15. Datnikka Joe

    They forgot the guy with crazy handles but couldnt shoot if his life
    depended on it

  16. MakeMyCakeSteak

    Im the My Bad. I say it like ermh… A lot. My bad coulnd’t remeber the

  17. (´・ω・`)

    Mr New Shoes.. wears his newest kicks to the court and doesnt wanna mess em
    Mr Wrong Shoes.. never has on basketball shoes.. he can have on boots,
    sandals, dress shoes or whatever.. he still playing
    Mr Body Odor.. nobody wants to guard him cuz he smells like last weeks
    Mr Cell Phone.. times out the game to answer his babymamas calls
    Mr Gotta Go.. quits in the middle of heated games
    Mr Fat Shot.. the fat dude that never runs or holds D but makes every shot
    Mr Argue the Score.. To him the score is never correct and hes gonna argue
    it to death
    Mr Holla Holla.. will stop a game to holla at chicks walking by
    Mr Injury Prone.. gets hurt every game without fail
    Mr Knees and Bows.. cant go to the hole with out kneeing and elbowing the
    shit outta defenders.
    Mr Sweat.. starts pouring sweats profusely 30 seconds into the game
    Mr Work Clothes.. whether before or after work hes hoopin in his work gear
    Mr I Gotta Leave Them Newports Alone.. he can ball but smokes a pack a day
    and can hardly breathe after a fast break
    Mr My Girl Is Watching.. brings his girl to watch and tries to show out in
    front of her but only ends up fucking up
    Mr Church League.. knows hella plays and has a soaking wet jumper but
    little else
    Mr Quiet Assassin.. the dude that never says shit but will quietly rip your
    team a new asshole
    Mr Loud Mouth.. his mouth writes checks his game cant cash
    Mr Side Line aka I Got Next.. never gets picked but always has next
    Mr Extra Body.. doesnt do shit and only on the court to even out the teams
    Mr Dunk and Run.. this cat has springs like a cheap bed and will dunk every
    chance he gets cuz that all he can do
    Mr Fancy Pants.. does a whole And 1 Mixtape dribbling drill to get to the
    hole and miss
    Mr Lazy Bones.. always wants to play just not play hard


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