Strain Hunters Swaziland Expedition 2012

Swaziland is a small country landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique, with just over 1 million inhabitants. It is mostly known for its natural parks, where the amazing African flora and faunas are protected and visited by a large number of tourists each year.


Swaziland is a very poor country, and it has the highest HIV/AIDS infection ratios on the planet (around 40% of the population is infected, according to data from the US government).

History of Swaziland & its Tourism


It is also the last absolute monarchy in Southern Africa, and King Mswati III rules the country according to traditional tribal values, with a very dictatorial style. He has 14 wives, and every year chooses a new wife between thousands of “competing” virgins.

This ceremony is internationally known as the Reed Dance and represents a major tourist attraction, albeit mounting criticism from the international community. Swaziland has a constitution but political parties are illegal, and the currency is directly linked to the South African Rand.

Despite these not- so-democratic facts, the people of Swaziland are very friendly and extremely welcoming to foreigners, and the country enjoys a relatively crime-free status, with very little violence. Compared to neighboring South Africa and Mozambique it is a relatively safe country to travel to.

Nevertheless a certain degree of organization and flexibility is mandatory, because the lack of infrastructure can be a real challenge.

Level of Cannabis being Produced

Swaziland produces very large amounts of cannabis considering the limited geographical extension it occupies. According to the United Nations Drug Report of 2008, Swaziland is in the top-5 cannabis producing countries on the African continent.

Virtually all of the cannabis production is exported across the porous border to South Africa or Mozambique, with a very small part left to satisfy the local demand.

The people of Swaziland have the same type of relationship with cannabis that it is found in most of the poorest areas of the planet: it is the only crop able to create some income and to support local economical growth at tribal-family level.

Most of the male population of the rural areas uses cannabis on a daily basis, for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The antiseptic properties of cannabis are extremely helpful to fight infections in rural areas…. read more on the website.

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  1. MrPercythrower

    Hi,cbd caps did you make them ? Where can i get them or how do i make them
    as i cant move most days,they would be legal to ship to uk .cheers

  2. VaporKid77

    Awesome video John! Great way to start the day! Gotta ask tho, which do you
    prefer for vaping? sublimator or volcano? 

  3. crumbsjaden

    I’ve had some luck with the auto’s, my first ever plant i grew was an “auto
    blue mammoth”, by barneys farm, and it was pretty good, no male flowers or
    seeds or anything, and i finished it under 18/6 on/off. fingers crossed you
    get some good resin off those plants man.

  4. MrPercythrower

    I thought there might be a company making them in Vancouver that
    shipped.the laws here are crap my only choice is suffer or take
    doctor here will admit cannabis eases the one in pain and i would
    know why lie .someone is.

  5. Adam Pattee

    Well john love what you got going and keep up the good work, I’m from
    California an because of u and mark drysift has really blown up out here
    thanks for the little tricks and tipps. Would love to be able to come to ur
    home turf an get a crash corse in all of it

  6. robbo ando

    looking forward to watching the progress of these auto flowers ,. nice
    short n sweet vid john : )

  7. Conrad7723

    John, you are one Cool MF. Thank you for taking the tine to make these
    videos. Your personality shines through; I’m grateful for being part of
    your channel 

  8. MorBlooD Legion

    44:00 Where he says its soapy!! I Am Being OVERRUN by that bullshit!!! WTF
    is it?? Other than completely crap…. The buds look like low grade kush
    and smell like a bar of lifebuoy soap…A bag of it smells like a sports
    teams shower room or like cheap deodorant 😛 worst bud ever….

  9. Sean N

    so dope to see fields ive been to in my homeland….. swazi weed is some of
    the best!!

  10. dukeekud duke


  11. Raphael Garcia

    Some crops of the lesser grades should be led for raids….the cops will
    meet their quotas…then the cops can let the better strains get sold off
    …and every one gets a piece…( media will view the lesser grade crops
    being burnt on tv .,for listing and :supposedly” getting the job
    done..)…this is what I would do if I were running things..just an

  12. JeraldGomez93

    anyone have an idea what the shrine at 1:54 is for or what it means?

  13. Rahardian Adira Putra

    Why arjan doesnt upload video anymore or it needs long time to wait till he
    upload a new video?

  14. King of the Rats

    Leave it to the corrupt US to spray their Monsanto crap chemicals all over
    people and plants just for the fuck of it.

  15. Buraku Peiseu

    Les ivoiriens de merde m’ont déçu ou sont ces gros bourgeons qu’on voit a
    la fin pourquoi est ce seulement les salopards de swazilandais qui ont ca

  16. bob scratchit

    Arjen is a total arsehole. Thanks to his ridiculously irresponsible videos
    hundreds of people are getting raided by local police forces and the DEA
    all around the world. The Strain Hunters videos are making him rich,
    satisfying his ENORMOUS ego and destroying the lives of people he meets all
    over the world. The man is a total c*nt – he’s either a complete f*cking
    idiot or he’s working for the DEA. Boycott Greenhouse seeds, they have
    terrible germination rates and this wanker needs no more money. The
    cannabis world would be much better off without him and his money hungry

  17. Hagen Steele

    Is there another plant that has been cultivated around the world like

    I think not. She is EVERYWHERE!!!

    Thanks for the upload.

  18. PEKT02

    you know inside your self when you spark up a joint, that this should not
    be illegal…

  19. Collie Herbsman

    please go to philippines, philippine sativa will dominate promise , the
    seedless one. it is not big as your shit but it is very sticky. it stick on
    your shirt and the smell like pine tree. very headhigh.

  20. axeclanable

    In case you missed it and want to visit these fields then simply refer to
    the google map screen recording in this video. Utter disregard for these
    growers’ well being and safety. 

  21. Abenezer Makaveli

    White boys always looking for something to steal frome black land Africa
    and brings it to their country then acting like it’s their own 

  22. danknasty661

    these kids in africa living in poverty have nicer teeth than most english
    chaps in the uk

  23. TheUKGDani

    So many negative vibes from people commenting. Lighten the fuck up, we’re
    watching guys who have a passion for pot who film there exploits for
    everyone to view. I thought all people into pot shared there positivity and
    passion? People love chattin shit for the social media devil haha

  24. Firearms

    There won’t be any Sativas left in the world the way farmers keep
    introducing indicas to maximize profits..

  25. Mary Microgram

    Swaziland people are cute. <3

    Would kill to try an African sativa landrace strain. Dumb indicas
    polluting the gene pool in every corner of the earth. 


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