Strain Reviews: Dutch Treat
95%Overall Score
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Originating from Amsterdam, Dutch Treat is a becoming a favorite here in California really quick. The Indica dominant marijuana strain is that sticky Og that makes the buds want to stay on your fingers instead of the bowl. Some have said the scent reminds them of that sage smell many other indica dominant strains possess.

So many great strains have come from Amsterdam so Dutch Treat had high expectations for what it could be. After smoking or vaping on it I feel comfortable saying it lived up to everything we thought it would be.

The trichomes were amazingly colorful and reminded me why I love Indica more than Sativa. The nugs were of that perfect green along with the perfect shape. I wish I was able to see these nugs on the plant as it was growing.

Being nearly 80 % Indica you know what you are getting into when smoking the Dutch Treat. When I first started using this plant I knew I was on the track to happiness. Every time I knew I would have a hard workout or intense day the thought of coming home and vaping on some Dutch Treat was what got me through the day.

While finding it can be difficult if your located in Southern California PSA in Santa Ana has it most of the time. I believe the prices were on average and I’m sure it can be found in different dispensaries throughout the region. Patients are realizing how great it is leading to more and more marijuana dispensaries looking for the growers or seeds.

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