With the Final Four around we take a look back at last years champions the UConn Huskies. The road through the tournament was difficult but the Huskies had the roster and came together to do what was necessary to win it all.

Do you think they will win it again? Share your comments below.


Courtesy: Youtube

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  1. bj olden

    That’s a special bunch of guys and they made a special run to win the NCAA

  2. Mary Buckley Davis

    To the folks who put this together…so well done! Thanks! To the
    2013-2014 Huskies…thank you. Congratulations on all your achievements.
    It was a great season! Best of luck in all your future endeavors. You
    make us all proud.

  3. warbler13

    One of the greatest NCAA BB run, even better than the UConn 2011 run which
    was the best of all times.

  4. John Baldino

    The best under dog in NCCBB bar none!!!!!! tell them they can’t and stand


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