These days, dab culture is truly on point, and to meet the rapidly increasing demand, plenty of companies are coming out with the coolest oil rigs ever.

Growing up with bongs, I’m amazed to realize that these newfangled contraptions (just kidding) are the future. Well, weed itself is pretty much the future, and these oil rigs are right in sync with that.

Check our our list below of the 5 coolest rigs for doin’ your dabs.

The Dabuccino


I’m going to make the bold statement that this is the best possible dab rig for a Millennial girl — I have the right, seeing as I’m one myself.

Just like the coffee cup that inspired it (you know the one — some twentysomething probably carries the dishwasher-safe, reusable version around your office), it’s teeny, portable, and oh-so-adorable. To get serious for a moment, that means it’s helping to decrease the stigma around weed use, making people realize that cannabis is not some hardcore drug.

Did I mention how cute this thing is? A++.



I’m kind of a ROOR girl. What can I say? Name-brand recognition is a real thing.

So I was delighted to see they don’t just make basic bongs; they’re also in the dab rig business. With classic ROOR curves and ease of usability, this rig is definitely worth the $224. Plus, ROORs are practically unbreakable, so if you let this thing slip in a moment of extreme stoned-ness, never fear.

Basically, we’re sold.

Delta 9 Big Gulp

big gulp
If you’re looking to take a gulp of vapor that’ll get you seriously dabbed out, consider the Delta 9 “Big Gulp.” Another long-established brand, Delta 9 offers some truly sexy looks (and a funny little nod to 7-Eleven, although this gulp will far eclipse anything you can buy at the convenience store).

Best of all, this guy will fit perfectly into your car cupholder, so you can bring it along and medicate on the go! What’s better than that?

The Cake Rig by Hitman Glass

cake rig
The Cake Rig by Hitman Glass is just as delicious as it looks. A favorite on the Internet, this rig is just a joy to look at. Your dabs will be smooth as glass (or, you know, cake) and the borosilicate glass it’s made of is 5mm thick, so it’ll feel good in your hands.

This guy is just 4.5 inches high, too, for ease of storage. Just slip it into your desk, and no one’s the wiser.

Art Lab Scientific Beaker

art lab

As a nod to bong culture, we just had to include this lab-style beaker for your dabs. Shaped like a flask, this 5-inch-high piece looks like it could be made from stolen lab supplies (hopefully, it isn’t).

It’s also more affordable at the intermediate price tag of $99.95. If you’re looking to purchase an oil rig in the double-digits, this is the one for you.

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