The beginning of March has brought unseasonably warm temperatures to the Mile High City. For most, the thing to do was, of course, enjoying the sun in the city with a beer alongside fellow stir crazy brethren. After the heavy snow storms of weeks previous, combined with the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the Denver scene understandably exploded with people over the warm weekend. But what if you wanted to engage in an equally ‘Colorado’ pastime without throngs of people?

Be in a calmer, chiller place where an active stoner can kick back without the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s finally only an hour’s drive, or maybe two without the ‘peak season’ traffic. That’s right. It may be warming up in Denver, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on a visit to the high country, just yet.

But, Ski Season’s Almost Over?

Hardly. March and April are two of the three snowiest months of the year, so despite the teaser in the city, there’s still plenty coming down in the higher elevations. Nothing beats hitting a smoke hut during a warm April snowstorm. We guarantee you won’t be alone in doing so.

Yes, the snow gets to be like mashed potatoes on the hot days in between the late season dumps, but it’s plenty soft and there’s still plenty of it. Plus, the longer into the year you ski, the longer the leg muscles stay strong. Good way to get an early start on that banana hammock body you keep talking about.


Goodbye Peak Season Blues

And we’re not just talking about less traffic. Although that is a large part of it, gliding down I-70 at 75mph is exhilarating when used to being parked for hours at 10mph. With each person who hangs their boots up early, a bit more room is created in the once cramped parking lots. Room for activities, of course! Suddenly the apres parking lot party begins to show up slope side more and more with each passing day.

This means more and more opportunities to enjoy the warmer weather with a smoke break that’s not cold, wet, or otherwise rushed. Not to mention more chances to chat up the snow-bro or -bunny you’ve seen shredding recently.

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    • Coit Stevenson

      Me too! (obvi) Depends on the sport and your tolerance level. Everyone is different. A bowl before a groomer run for instance, no problem. But a bowl in the wilderness before backcountry skiing/riding in tight trees is pushing it if you ask me. Just do what you find to be comfortable and typically it’ll all be good.

    • Coit Stevenson

      Depends on what you’re looking for. The easiest day passes on the cheap(er) are buddy passes/ski with a friend passes. Offered by both RMSP(+) and Epic (Local).
      If you want a season pass on the cheap, find a friend in college and open a Wells Fargo account with them. 2-for-1 RMSP’s this way.


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