Insomnia is one of the top reasons why someone might want to get a medical marijuana card. And it’s no wonder: not being able to sleep much can have serious consequences on literally every part of your life.

So we went over the best cannabis strains for insomnia.

With these heavy indicas, you’ll find that couchlock is second nature. Or maybe even first.

After you check out our list of the best cannabis strains for insomnia, you’ll never find yourself sleepless in Seattle again. Get it?


Blackberry Kush


Did someone say couchlock?

Blackberry Kush is king of all things relaxation, pretty much knocking you out. A hybrid of Afghani and Blackberry strains, it leaves its users with a lazy, full-body high.

It is one of the best marijuana strains for those nights you are struggling to sleep. It’s high thc level ensures that you will be able to rest at the end of a long day to guarantee you are feeling fresh the next morning.

Patients describe it as “effective.” We all go through those moments in life where stress, trauma, worry, grief or any other moment in life can keep us from being able to sleep. When working individuals have to be at the office from 8-5, getting the proper sleep can make a world of difference. And we all know the importance of rest for athletes. It is important the body has time to recover from the strenuous day of workouts.


Charlie Sheen


Besides its amazing name, this strain — born of Green Crack, OG Kush, and Blue Dream — packs a sleep-inducing punch. Patients say they get spacey when they medicate with Charlie Sheen (no surprise there), and some even describe it as “coma dope.”

In other words, you probably shouldn’t smoke this one before your big presentation. (For that, try something high in CBD.)

Insomnia can ruin your everyday life because you suffer from a lack of energy, preventing you from creating new opportunities for yourself. Coffee and other forms of coffee could only do so much for our bodies. It is recommended that every person needs a minimum of 6-8 hours a day to provide your body with the rest it needs.

Charlie Sheen OG strain is known for its strong Indica features that will make sure its added to the list of some of the greatest OG’s available. Its piny texture and amazing taste make it a favorite of those in a lot of pain and cannot get any sleep. Some even praise it for being a great alternative to prescription painkillers that can really effect your stomach.


Lemon Wreck


Last week, we recommended that you try Trainwreck. We hate to repeat ourselves, but Lemon Wreck is just too good to leave out of this list.

It’s the baby of Lemon Diesel and Trainwreck, and although it’s a sativa, it leaves users sleepy and relaxed. Expect to feel a little energized before the oh-so-welcome crash. Some patients say it also does wonders for migraines. Many users have proclaimed it for creating the perfect combination of a head high and body relaxation for those who struggle to sleep.

Insomnia is a horrible condition, we have to deal with. With so many different cannabis strains we assure you Lemon Wreck will leave you without the worries of insomnia or its horrible side effects. Whether you consume it through a vape, joint or classic pipe the candy taste will produce the perfect effects for insomniacs.

Jupiter OG


This seriously potent indica will shoot you all the way to Jupiter, especially when it comes to that body high. Its effects are intense and long-lasting; perfect to ensure a good night’s rest when you need it.

Just like many of the other planetary marijuana strains, this OG can leave you feeling lazy and have your mind ready for bed. You can rest assure that sleeping will not be an issue anymore. The Indica heavy marijuana strain is capable of easily putting an end to your sleepless night.


The effects of marijuana on sleep can be amazing. Most people who do not smoke cannabis do not realize the potential for certain health conditions. Smoking weed before bed can make your mornings that much better. Not only does it allow your brain and body to relax, so rest assure smoking or vaporizing cannabis can be what you need to prepare for work the next morning.

3 Responses

  1. John

    i tried all these strains and im still not asleep. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! lol

  2. chris sage

    Your crazy. lemon skunk is some fire. That smell it gives off overtime is the best

  3. Jim

    That charlie sheen is where its at. The lemon on the other hand is pretty weak. Still haven’t had a sativa that compares to me of the best indicas out there


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