Finding a dispensary that grows their own flowers these days is kind of rare. Most marijuana dispensaries have vendors they deal with instead of dealing with the cost of growing their own even though they are suppose to grow their own. Anyways The Clinic in Santa Ana is one of few weed dispensaries that grows their own marijuana strains.
Of all the weed dispensaries I have visited, The Clinic is on my list of top 5 marijuana dispensaries. For my ftp deal I got a 7 gram 8th top shelf! I don’t know of too many places that do that for their members. I checked out a few different strains while I was in the medication room and each one was as impressive as the other. The prices overall were not as good as DC Collective but they were competitive, I mean you get what you pay for at this weed dispensary. So if your on a budget your options could be kind of limited here compared to other places.

It was easy to locate and parking was easy. The dispensary is similar to others where you have a medicating room and a waiting room. The employees were all friendly and made you feel welcomed at their dispensary. So next time your in Santa Ana and need a weed dispensary check them out.

I have listed the contact info below:

The Clinic
1805 East Garry Ave suite 130
Santa Ana, CA, 92705

Hours: 9am-12am everyday

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