Dispensaries in Hollywood can be hit or miss. It seems a lot of the marijuana dispensaries in this area buy the medical marijuana from vendors and it is evident in the quality of the flowers. The Good Life in Hollywood has been around for sometime now and are an example of an inconsistent dispensary. The cool thing about this marijuana dispensary is they allow you to chill inside and do your thing while you are there.
As usual when I got their I went through the process of becoming a member. It didn’t take too long and the volunteers were super friendly and made the overall experience pleasant. The flowers at this dispensary have been hit or miss for me when I come here. I have been to this dispensary a few times since I live in the area and each time I have a different experience in regards to the quality of the flowers. Some days it has been amazing while other days it is dry and boring. The good thing about The Good Life is they offer a variety of strains at different prices so even if you are on a budget you can find something.

The cool thing about this dispensary is they do offer referral specials which are the same as FTP deal so I do my best to at least get all my friends to come here at least once so I get a free dab or 5 gram 8th out of it. Overall The Good Life is a solid dispensary in an area where their are a lot of knockoffs that are way overpriced.The flowers are not always the best but they do have friendly tenders that know their product and sometimes they will be honest with you and just let you know if its not their best batch. Anyways the contact info is listed below if you want to check them out:

The Good Life
4316 Melrose Ave
Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA, 90029

Hours: 10am-11pm everyday

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