The NBA has many records, including some records that are almost hard to break. We will take a look over some of these NBA records and how they have formed the NBA.

11 Championship Rings

How great Bill Russell is? The easiest way is to see his ring index. 11 is a number which no one can achieve. Perhaps you will say that Jackson also have 10 rings.  And he may also take 12 pieces or more rings. But don’t forget, Jackson’s 10 rings are all in his coach time when he got them. When he is still a player he has never got one. Active players in ring has the largest is Robert Horry. He has seven rockets. But old Horry is about to retire. So, Russell’s record is difficult to break for a very long time in the future.

Continuous 1192 Games played in the NBA

Iron man AC Uncle Green is really a monster. In up to 16 years of his career, he run in 15 seasons with only three matches missed. His attendance is as high as 99.8 percent! This is records that not a likely to be broken. NBA players now are very intense. Any iron player can give such intense confrontation. When a player does not rest on a few games might have heavy injuries. Even Bowen such operator also has difficulty in reaching this level.

Denver Nuggets scored 100+ in 136 games

The nuggets in history were also a famous in offensive team. They averaged 126.5 points in 1981 to 1982 season the greatest record in history. They are scoring at least 100 + in 82 games in that season. In 1981 January 21 to 1982 on December 8th, the nuggets get 100 + in continuous 136 games. This record is obviously not possible to get again in this offensive team.

Wilt Chamberlain-100 points in a single game

Anyone who knows something about basketball will know Chamberlain who chopped 100 points in one game alone. The game occurred in 1962 March 2. Chamberlain led Philadelphia warrior’s team against the New York knicks. It is said that Chamberlain played video games till midnight in the previous night.




But that still failed to stop him fighting on the stage in willful persecution. He respectively took 23, 18, 28 and 31 points in the four parts of the match. He got 32 shots of 63 shots, 28 in 32 free-throw shots. Then he got a total of 100 points — a record reputed as the NBA’s greatest record in history.

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