The NBA Draft Lottery wrapped up last night as the T’Wolves secured the top pick. Who it will be we can only speculate, but the NBA draft combine may help determine some players which may be key in the future of pro ball.

The NBA Draft Combine according to Bleacher Report is more than just scouting, “It’s a platform for prospects to get recognized.”
They divide players by positions and complete various agility, strength, and physical tests. It exists to help showcase talents and abilities and hidden potential that college games may not be able to provide.
“Sometimes, you can peg a promising shooter based on his rhythm and mechanics. Bradley Beal went No. 3 overall after being labeled lethal from downtown, though he only shot 33.9 percent at Florida,” notes the bleacher report. And Beal’s performance with the Wizards has supported this conclusion.

The Stats

The NBA has a complete breakdown of Stats from shooting percentage from the top of the key from who has the longest hand length. But, let’s take a look at some key stats that signify some effort on the court.
Justin Anderson
A junior and key player for the high ranking Virginia team from the ACC.
Anderson delivered the highest standing vertical leap measuring at 38 inches. That’s 3 feet with two inches to spare. A skill like this is useful for grabbing rebounds, blocking shoots, and it gives you plenty of time to mobile in the air with the ball.
Marcus Thornton

A senior from William and Mary, the top ranking team in the CAA conference, delivered the fastest 3/4 sprint. He could run 3/4 of the court in 3.02 seconds. This is the kind of player you would want to have running the break, getting out on the wing, and using his speed to be a great defender.
Frank Kaminsky
The leader for the Wisconsin Badgers this year ranked high in a key quantity for basketball. The tallest man at the combine. With shoes Kaminsky measured 7 ft and .75 inches. Size is key for guarding big defenders, maneuvering in the post, gaining an offensive advantage, and using length to score points at and around the rim.


Filling up the Charts

Scrimmages at the combine did not include all eligible draft picks, but an excellent performance in this game can be a good indicator of talent.

Rakeem Christmas
Christmas played phenomenal according to his bleacher report stats. “The big man tore up the scrimmage Friday, finishing with 19 points, six rebounds and two blocks. Paired with the 20 points, six rebounds and one block he posted in Thursday’s scrimmage,” Christmas definitely made his point.
Pat Connaughton
This kid is an all around athlete. He finished behind Anderson in standing jumping, got first in running vertical jump, and additionally led all scorers in the first scrimmage game.

If basketball doesn’t work out for him though, “Connaughton is also a pitching prospect who exceeds 90 mph on his fastball,” according to the aforementioned Bleacher Report article.

The Standings

The big names in college basketball will always go, but the draft combine gives opportunities to see players with true potential and numbers that help determine if they can excel at the pro level.
Peachtree Hoops offered an updated mock draft lists that showcased the amount a player had gone up or down given by their performance in the draft. Here a few key players from their list.
The biggest jump came from Robert Upshaw, originally projected to go at 58 Upshaw jumped 27 spots to 31. “Upshaw was probably the biggest winner of the combine as he impressed with elite measurements and said all the right things.”
Bobby Portis is projected to be drafted at 17th. I like this guys enthusiasm because of this tweet from CBS Sports:

Lastly, Karl Anthony Townes is projected NO.1 by peach tree, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, and SB Nation.
The big fella has a lot of people expecting him to show up big in the NBA, and he didn’t even participate in the Draft Combine. I guess if you already have the keys to the kingdom why take the risk.

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