Steph Curry was voted MVP after receiving 1,198 votes according to’s official press release. He was a deserving candidate after leading the Warriors to an impressive 67 W’s for the season.

It’s hard to believe that this same kid was barely even given a chance to play at the collegiate level because of his size, despite his family lineage. According to ESPN’S MVP write up.
After a memorable tournament run with Davidson, Curry was given the chance to play in the big leagues. His shooting ability has always been there, but the Warriors have struggled with not having great players around Curry. And their offense first mentality and defense never standpoint was a major reason the team never reached its full potential.
Back in 2012, they finished in the bottom half of the league in opponent scoring — Warrior Stats ’12, but now the tide has most definitely turned. They lead the league in scoring , and are in the top half defensively bolstered by the leadership of the MVP, Steph Curry.


The MVP Candidates on Steph Curry

James Harden who received the second highest votes in one of the closest races in history. The complete MVP Voting is available here .
Harden had made a case for himself to be given the MVP award, and didn’t congratulate Steph on his award according to an article by CBS sports, James Herbert. Harden only said he, “had much better things to worry about, and that’s the clippers.” Which is true, after the Rockets lost the first round game, even with Chris Paul out. He also capped it off by saying, “it was nothing,” in reference to Curry’s MVP win.
The King, Lebron James, has been singing Curry’s praises all season long. Lebron has 4 MVP awards, so he knows the hard work that goes into a season long accomplishment like MVP. James said according to Sports Illustrated, “I think it’s great that another kid born in Akron, Ohio can win the MVP.” Lebron went on to say according to Plain Dealer, “I think it’s well deserved. I mean you see, first of all, the team success, that’s the first thing that pops out.”
Russell Westbrook, who’s teammate Kevin Durant, won the award last year has yet to speak out regarding, Curry. Given Westbrook’s thoughts on his scoring title according to Royce Young in a USA Today article:
“Sh–, It doesn’t mean nothing. Good job. Hooray. I’m at home. Watching other teams play. Doesn’t mean nothing.”

Westbrook might be more interesting in winning the post season than garnering awards.

Last up in the MVP Race is Anthony Davis. The Pelicans got swept by the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs with Steph hitting shots like this:


Davis’ has only been in the league for 3 years and finished fifth in voting. In a sit down conversation with Scoop Jackson, a columnist for ESPN, Davis said, “I think [the MVP award] should go to the player that has the most impact on his team.

After looking across the league, the performances of everyone on the Warriors particular the breakout season of Draymond Green, the sharp shooting of Klay Thompson, and a combination of one of the best benches on the league, Steph Curry has definitely had the most impact this year for Golden State.

NBA Players Voice Their Opinions On The MVP On Social Media

Last year’s MVP, Kevin Durant has gone on record saying that Steph is one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game.

The other half of the splash brothers, Klay Thompson took to Twitter to say, “It couldn’t have gone to a more deserving player. So happy for Steph #squad #DubNation

Rudy Gay said, “Congrats to the #Family @stephencurry30. Well deserved! One of the best mvp races in a long time”

Harrison Barnes gave a shout out to Steph on twitter.
“Congrats to my bro @StephenCurry30 on gettin MVP!!! Most humble superstar I’ve ever been around. Well deserved!”

All Danny Granger has to say about Curry is, “This guy Steph is RIDICULOUS!!!”

Andre Iguodala another teammate said, “Great speech kid, congrats @stephencurry30”

All in all a little guy has taken home one of the league’s most coveted awards, and the Warriors are poised to possibly win their first NBA title, since 1975 all led by Steph Curry. To quote Danny Granger that’s ridiculous.

– A. P. Richardson

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