Have you ever sat down to smoke a joint, inhaled, and wondered to yourself: Is this weed really the strongest stuff out there?

Our tolerance just isn’t what it used to be. But weed strains are stronger than ever. And that’s what makes this High Times video — a compilation featuring the “Strongest Strains on Earth 2015” — so informative.

Maybe we should take a break from the shake, and sample this Ghost Train Haze #1, which not only tests at 27.46 percent THC but also has a totally amazing name. Or how ’bout that Nexus OG from Venice Medical Center, coming in at 24 percent THC? Maybe some Guava Chem from San Jose Patients Group, with 22.54 percent THC?

Any of these choices will do you good, and your local clubs might offer tested medication too. Be sure to check out Leafly to find out more about what’s available near you, and watch the full video below.

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