Check out the top 10 plays so far this season from 2015 NBA All Star Reserve, Tim Duncan, of the San Antonio Spurs. Want to see the top 10 dunks from slam dunk contests of the past? Watch Now!

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25 Responses

  1. lphjustin

    TBH I think both Timmy and Cousins equally deserve to be all-stars, but if
    I were a coach I would choose Timmy because his team is winning and he has
    multiple all-star appearances, Cousins is just unlucky he plays in the deep
    West, he would definitely make it if he were in the East.

  2. mago97615

    Ok now stop complaining about Demarcus ….He replaces Kobe , and he’s now
    an ALL STAR !!!!!!!! Stop the hate !

  3. Tony21209

    Well the kings are bad so their only player (cousins) gets the majority of
    the touches and minutes which is why those type of players have those
    numbers. Tim holds back alot and yes he probably can’t put up 25 a Game but
    he is almost 40 and putting up double doubles nightly…cousins has time.

  4. HecticEthnic

    TD.. welcome back to the event you rightfully have belonged to this whole
    time. Has always been a top 3 PF in the league since he joined, even when
    he isn’t in his prime. It’s a good thing coaches don’t forget about defense
    like fans do, and it’s a good thing they can see what stats don’t show.

  5. Isaiah Quidilla

    When I think “All-Star” I think what would this guy’s team be like without
    him? Let’s face it: without Tim Duncan there would be no Spurs. Without
    DeMarcus Cousins the Kings still suck. For those saying “This year Cousins
    has better numbers,” numbers lie. He’s only putting up huge numbers because
    he’s on a bad team and has more opportunities. Duncan is on a really good
    team but still finds a way to stand out even at 38 years of age.

  6. Cosmic Vakarian

    To anybody asking why tim got this spot over cousins its simple tim duncan
    is the greatest powerforward of all time or at least so far. This is also
    likely his final season and many fans would rather see one of the all time
    greats play in possibly his final all star game then cousins who is still
    young and will have plenty of future opportunities. 

  7. House Of Hoops

    I thought last year was bad when Joe Johnson got selected. But seriously
    WHAT THE FUCK. No Cousins. You have got to be fucking kidding me. These
    soft ass coaches didn’t vote for him just because he fucks up every
    opposition he goes up against. Yeah Duncan is a legend, but this old hag is
    way past his prime. So once again. Thanks to the nba for fucking over the
    hard working players as always. 

  8. Stephen A. Smith

    U fucking dumbass faggots sayin demarcus not good cuz he in a team full of
    scrubs and thats the only reason he is putting those numbers. So ur also
    saying anthony davis is not that good because he also plays with a team
    full of scrubs and puts up similar numbers. NO. THEY ARE BOTH THE TWO BEST
    BIG MEN IN THE NBA . They both shouldve started in the all star game but u
    fucking retards who think with there dumb logic. I cant believe u guys are
    trying to put down demarcus even though HE IS THE BEST FUCKING CENTER IN
    THE NBA. U guys are the reason the nba is going to be trash.

  9. Lord Sean

    Tim Duncan would rather stay home and play Scrabble than play in the
    All-Star game

  10. GoblinMV

    like charles would say, this isn’t a life time achievement award. boogie
    cousins should be playing not duncan.. 

  11. bballislife7158

    This is definitely a legacy pick, he didnt really deserve it in terms of
    current individual production #justmyopinion

  12. Joshua Reyes

    For all the people who’s complaining why DeMarcus Cousins is not an
    1.) He commits 4.4 turnover a game, because he wants the ball in his hands
    like a PG.
    2.) He have a lot of games that he is fouled out.
    2.) The team he’s leading have a poor record (16-28 as I’m writing), which
    is 11th place in West. He doesn’t have 5 NBA rings like Kobe that even
    though the Lakers is a losing team right now, fans will vote for him out

    It doesn’t matter if a player scores 50ppg. As long the team is losing.
    It’s always debatable why the player shouldn’t be an All-star.

  13. Joseph Frantz

    Even the coaches can’t get it right. Cousins is better than Duncan this yr.
    Reputation does go far in the NBA.

  14. FrankoiNHD

    Glad tim Duncan is an all star. If kawhi wasn’t hurt for a good part of the
    season then he would have been a first time all star. 

  15. cikif

    Kobrick Bryant scores <40% FG and makes it into All-Star starters, no one
    bats an eye.
    Tim Duncan, the greatest PF ever, still kicking ass on the court, misses
    the starters by one spot and makes it into the reserves, and everyone loses
    their shitty ass minds!


    Love how everyone is hating on duncan this man deserves this spot hes
    beasting and feasting!

  17. Gangis KongMixes

    Tell Me How Duncan Got This Spot Over DeMarcus?!?!?
    He’s Averging 23.8 PPG, 12.3 RPG, 1.6 RPG, Shooting Nearly 50% For The
    Season, and a 80% FT Shooter
    The Man Is 5th in scoring and 3rd in RPG
    In The Game Vs The Spurs He DOMINATED THEM SCORING
    Deccember 15th – 25 PTS, 10 REBS

    But Duncans

    We all know tim is the best PF of all time but this season i ‘d take DMC
    Hands DOWN!

  18. benji_man7

    You all think DeMarcus should have played instead of Timmy? Just remember
    the all-star game is a popularity contest.
    But, hey just for the fun of it we’ll look at who has done better this

    Tim Duncan’s stats compared to DeMarcus Cousins’ stats so far this season.
    TD DC
    Points: 619 < 792 Turnovers: 87 > 140
    Fouls: 95 > 137
    Steals: 40 < 44 Blocks: 83 > 52
    Assists: 131 > 102
    Rebounds: 423 > 395
    Free Throws: .724% < .806% Field Goals: .486% > .481%
    Minutes: 1272 ——- 1081

    So you guys really gonna bitch about DeMarcus being better and deserving to
    play? Shut your stupid ass mouth.

    Oh, and here’s the kicker.. Timmy is 38 years old. Demarcus is 24.

  19. btsororos

    Why the hell are people bitching about that Demarcus cunt. That
    underachieving, ring less, piece of shit. He’s only barely averaging over
    20 ppg in a team full of scrubs. 

  20. Warriors Dynasty

    Lmao Tim Duncan? Really? Demarcus makes him look like a paraplegic street
    baby yet this grandfather is in the all-star game? Fucking disgusting. 


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