The growth of Tim Duncan into an NBA legend has been a long process. By growing into the San Antonio Spurs family he learned how to be the best which includes winning multiple NBA championships and MVP awards.

Check out the video to see why he has captured the hearts of all the fans out there. Also, click here to watch Duncan’s best plays of the year.


Courtesy: ESPN

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  1. AA AM

    Look at the quality of shots this dude is getting… Popovich has such a
    good system.

  2. Adrian Lai

    First personal highlight video of the season for Timmy from GD or Dawkins

  3. Mr.Style

    Showing why he’s an all star and a first ballot HOF #LivingLegend

  4. Zach LaVine

    I got give this man credit even tho he is old but he is been healthy most
    of the season unlike Kobe 

  5. Charles A. Smith Jr.

    The elders just taught the yougins’ a lesson that they will not get until
    later down the line. Maybe Coach Vaughn can show them through the tape.
    They played team defense like chickens with their heads cut off.
    #ScrambleEggs #CookHeem

  6. lshooterl

    Wow…I’m really impressed. Padding 26 points and 11 rebounds against the
    ORLANDO MAGIC. Can’t wait for Blake and DeAndre to gangbang this old geezer
    in LA.

  7. Curtis Brown

    I hope Tim plays another season..especially after getting scammed for 20

  8. Paul Deaconu

    10 years ago Duncan said of Dwight Coward: When he’ll be really dominant
    I’ll be retired. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

  9. Murglemufflin Jones

    nigga got that old school footwork, some say he washed up but i’d still
    take him over griffin, dwight, love, aldridge 

  10. Itachi Uchiha

    Shouldn’t have been an all star, got it due to reputation. His playing well
    considering his age though

  11. LaMidrange Aldridge

    These young fools don’t understand the importance of fundamentals and
    footwork. Tim the magician gonna read yo feet and bank that nigga in

  12. thenight2225

    tim is the best! no one will ever be the guy/player he is.just agreat guy
    all around.and i will enjoy him while he is here!

  13. Curtis Brown

    One of my favorite players of all time. Hope Kawhi Leonard can have a
    career like him.


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