Top 10 Ankle Breakers of All Time

We take a look at ESPN’s best ankle breakers of all time. Does not matter if its basketball or hockey we got the best ankle breakers!

Do you think Michael Jordan is one of the greatest athletes ever?


Courtesy: ESPN

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  1. Ginga Ninja

    It makes me laugh when people are complaining that the soccer replay took
    No 1. For those who aren’t familiar with soccer, those moves that Ibra (the
    soccer player) did are insanely difficult to pull off. As in they are so
    difficult, that some people who actually play soccer can’t even pull that
    off. I’m not saying that soccer is the best sport (I love all sports), I’m
    just saying that those moves that Ibra pulled off are a true rarity to see.
    This shows that people should respect ALL sports; just because a certain
    sport isn’t as popular in your country doesn’t mean that it is amateurish,
    because that sure as hell isn’t the case. Good day.

  2. shreber shreb

    eheheh yall just mad that football (the real eurpean one not the fake
    american shit) is the number 1 sport in the world

  3. Maurice van Hooff

    All those hand egg (or american ‘football’) moments could have been easily
    replaced by a real sport such as rugby, where you actually learn how to
    perfrom a decent tackle, and those ‘ankle breakers’ happen 10 times a

  4. willie smith

    Why is hockey on here? I didn’t see any of them get shook…what I DID see
    were a bunch of guys slipping because…you know…they’re on ICE!?!?!?

  5. Ken Cabigas

    People here complaining about that #1 play is so lame because it’s a soccer
    game which is a boring game. I hate to burst your bubble but football,
    basketball, hockey is not the most popular game in the world.

    And yes, that #1 play was just awesome. And I NEVER want to watch a soccer
    game. It also bored me to death.

  6. Timothy Stratton

    yea, number 1 was deserved. Zlatan Ibrahimovic… nasty. Broke 5 sets of
    ankles there. Broke hearts too

  7. Joseph Crabtree

    The fact that the number one was soccer made me lose so much respect for
    this video

  8. Dhanveer Sandhu

    football? that dont count thats just counted as a body feint. breaking
    ankles in football? i mean proper football not american football, you know
    the one that you use your foot to play?

  9. mat House

    soccer play wasnt even that good the one with the best cuts were lesean
    iguadala and the second iverson crossover.

  10. Nerves Concord

    10 – 2: Popular American sports
    1: Popular sport.

    Admit it Americans, football is much more fun to watch :P

  11. ThePrimeSinisterr

    We couldn’t have ALL Black/Hispanic ppl in the highlights, even though we
    know that white ppl dont break ankles, so we had to stick a few stupid not
    worth mentioning hockey highlights in there. Seriously, why were those
    hockey clips in a *TOP 10 OF ALL TIME* ankle breaker countdown???? THEY”RE

    I await the typical white guy response, by trying to rationalize the

  12. Waldo

    Not surprised that it was Zlatan Ibrahimovic that made that excellent move.
    The finish was amazing, the dribbling was unreal. Football is truly
    beautiful ;)

  13. Darryl D. Ruggs

    FUCKING SOCCER! TAKES NUMBER1? I dont want to hear eastern european pig
    latin when im trying to watch an American invention “crossover/


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